Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Celeb Jameela Jamil Thinks Mere Mortals Care Twitter She Is Leaving


Jameela Jamil may be the first and not the last
Celebrity Twitter users who promise to off the platform blast
A last chance to post pictures of her dog
And to her disdain for Musk’s Twitter purchase log
She must assume that mere mortals will alter behavior like diet based on what she thinks
As she tongue in cheek wishes Musk good luck and from future Tweets vows to slink
Why celebrities are so quick to judge a billionaire’s future course of conduct
Makes one wonder how skilled they can be to  his future acts deduct
One can leave Twitter now and even under Musk when the transfer is complete
Without any barriers to reentry other than a truthful identity to meet
Like Musk has said he would like his most severe critics to remain
Proving that free speech not past censorship will reign
Maybe with her amazing dog Jamil
Should wait and see and until then chill
Since many celebs when Trump was elected promised to Canada flee
4 years later in broad daylight they are still here to see.
© April 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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