Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Russian Advances in Ukraine Stalled Putin Raises the Ante with Threat of Nukes Let's Go Brandon


We now may be reaping the deadly crop of what Biden’s inept foreign policy has sown
Any chance that foes would believe our resolve or commitment most likely blown
Afghanistan was Biden’s first test and he the American public seduced
Claimed that with their American training and arms no way could the Afghans by the Taliban be reduced
Withdrawing from Bagram like thieves in the night
A clear signal needed American air power was out of the coming fight
The Afghan Army collapsed like a house of card in a strong wind
We were suddenly struggling to free Americans and our allies from the mess we had put them in
Scenes of Afghans holding on to planes taking off was an end to Fall of Saigon déjà vu
The idea that Biden would restore American foreign policy to the adults in the room was through
Putin and Xi were watching and took  notes
The idea that Biden could be trusted by friends or feared by foes became remote
No surprise Putin’s war against Ukraine would soon be at hand
Yet we did nothing to increase Ukraine’s ability to it withstand
Threats of sanctions if in place an invasion not designed to deter
Weapons promised too little too late that stopping the Russian Bear to insure
Russian caravans on the road to Kviv stalled and a sitting target
Massive US supplied drone and cruise missile attack to destructively beset
Stalled in invasion advances is the Russian Bear
Now fears of nukes being used to be aware
4/27/22 The Alaskanpoet

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