Monday, April 25, 2022

Texas National Guardsmen On Border Due to Biden's Open Border Died Trying to Rescue Illegals--Blood on Biden's Hands


Our border is thanks to Biden perceived by those in third world countries to be open wide
All one has to do is to risk the cartel dangers to cross a river and get to the other side
Other than Title 42 which Biden inanely wants to before the end of May expire
Very little chance of deportation before welfare or good cash paying job under table they acquire
There is one danger the illegals crossing the Rio Grande have to fear
It can be a fast flowing current with drowning abilities this time of year
Because the Biden Administration has completely failed in its obligation to the border seal
Texas Governor Abbott has called out the Texas National Guard to crossings help repeal
On Friday Specialist Bishop Evans near Eagle Pass saw two illegals appearing about to drown
Disregarding the threat to his own safety he did not for a moment backdown
Dove into the Rio Grande to two illegals involved in illegal drug activity try to rescue

The illegals did not drown but Evans did for the dangers from the riven he did not eschew
His body was found today and the nation should his death mourn
And rise up in anger and rejection of Biden, Harris and Mayorkas whose policies have illegal crossings suborned
If Biden, Harris or Mayorkas have the courage to at Evans’ funeral appear to show respect
Will the CBP and Texas National Guard members there turn their backs on them to their presence reject?
© April 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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