Thursday, April 14, 2022

Unnamed Blue Colleagues Question Whether Sen. Feinstein Cognitively Fit to Serve

 The motto at Stanford University students learn is “The Wind of Freedom Blows”

1 of its noted alumni Senator Dianne Feinstein must wonder if 4 her it's “The Wind of Aging Blows”

At age 88 this once clearly bright & intelligent senator & former San Francisco Mayor

Is causing concerns among unnamed colleagues that at 88 she seems mentally not all there

Given the fact that in public Blues R silent over Biden’s cognitive state

Not surprising Blues R reluctant to join in a Feinstein cognitive impairment debate

Feinstein used 2 Be a feared senator if witness tried 2 pull the wool over the senators’ eyes

No longer watching her repeating questions minutes ago answered her decline is hard 2 deny

Senator Grassley who's the same age seems totally physically fit

& none of his mental sharpness has faded or quit

Being a senator has many perks & understandable other than fund raising from it is hard 2 retire

But w/the nation facing issues that R complex & dangerous not to solve non cognitive impaired leaders R required

Not sure w/her husband gone who the senator confides in

But someone needs 2 inform her it's no longer possible 2 cognitively she’s okay spin

2 resign her committee chair as the Blues took over the Senate should have been a sign

That she has read the writing on the wall & w/a public nudge from Blue colleagues might resign

If not she becomes 4 term limits in the Senate the poster child

When cognitive impairment runs wild

© 4/14/22 The Alaskanpoet

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