Monday, April 18, 2022

A federal district court judge appointed by Trump tossed out CDC's mask mandate on planes, trains and indoor terminals


The heavy hand of the CDC throughout the pandemic has been like a mask-o-phile
Touting it followed the science when the science it seem to defile
Called for a 6 foot social distance and mask mandates only when indoors
Even with masks persons not allowed in gyms, bars, barbershops  but as COVID-19 cases soared
Limits on church services, banning from movie theaters, sporting events and concerts to name just a few
All the while, masks notwithstanding, new cases and ICU admissions for ventilators grew
Finally lock downs for all but essential travel for food and medicines with businesses letting their workers go
A single mask then a double mask and even a push for a triple as the spread of the virus did no slow
Schools closed, students forced to learn virally at home even if in early grades where it was a learning hell
One parent forced to stay home with the kids and single parents SOL as their kids were not taking isolation well
While the elite and CDC were pushing mask mandates and ignoring natural immunity as a defense
Blue elite refused to follow mask mandates feeling they were above such utter mask wearing nonsense
Studies that held natural immunity was effective as were selective anti-viral drugs
While cotton masks not N-95 surgical were not effective were swept under the rug
When the vaccines developed by Trump at warp speed began to appear
CDC urged vaccinations to keep even mask wearing people free from having the COVID-19 deadly head rear
Looking back the CDC missed the boat, misled the public and caused increased death from addiction, suicide and medical treatments postponed
Ignored the monoclonal antibodies, natural immunity and antiviral drugs with effectiveness shone
Closing schools with openings with mask mandates set education of our young back
Finally a Federal Judge overturned the CDC’s unconstitutional mask mandate attack
© April 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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