Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Continuation of Russian Invasion Doesn't Bode Well for World Economies

 The lightbulbs in companies and governments around the world are being turned on

And the impact of Russia’s unprovoked aggression is starting to dawn
What happens in Ukraine is not like Vegas and it will not stay
All many of adverse economic effects around the world will be coming in nations’ way
First and foremost is that Ukraine supplies a very large share of the world’s grain
How can fields be planted, tended to and then harvested when shells and missiles rain
What happens if Russian energy not yet replaced thanks to Biden to Europe is cut back
You can’t avoid a recession if the energy to produce products and perform services you lack
World Bank predicting growth in Asia will slow and even China is not immune
With its expanding population needing jobs a projected growth rate of 5% spells economic doom
China in dealing with Russia is in the cat bird’s seat
Its oil purchases from Russia enabling Russia to sanctions on purchases defeat
Will it continue to stand with Russia to see its invasion does not end
Or will it free itself from an economic corpse to avoid a worsening recession trend?
While making inroads on our Taiwan support
To enhance the chances an invasion will not come up short
The domino effect in Ukraine has temporarily been blocked
As Russians deploy from Kviv to the Donbas to with more missiles, shells and tanks to Ukraine defenses sock
But with a president who barely knows what day it is and doubtful able to walk and chew gum at the same time
Are we up to the task to aid Taiwan when China invades by air and forces maritime?
© April 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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