Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Reds' Call On Mayorkas to Resign Falls on Deaf Ears


DHS Secretary Mayorkas was being grilled by the House on the end of Title 42
To bring an end to any border security feared by Reds and joined by an increasing number of Blues
Reds were demanding he resign now to the country spare impeachment proceedings as soon as the Reds took over the Speaker’s Chair
Mayorkas despite increasing record numbers of illegals in a head in the sand claim an open border charge is not right nor fair
The number of Blues who stick to the fiction that cancellation of Title 42 will not be a disaster shrinks each day
Biden has insured that an undermanned, underfunded demoralized CBP will not have an action plan in play
Projections of increased illegals crossing the border are in the 15,000- 20,000  daily range
Even as the cancellation of Title 42 nears, the open border zealots believe the Reds on the border are deranged
Getting Mayorkas to resign due to his total failure to secure
Might make Reds feel overjoyed but a solution to the open border not insure
A nation is only a nation if in can determine who is there and who can come in and then stay
Then and only then can we the human traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists and felons keep away
Having Mayorkas resign might actually help Biden to listen to the alarm bells
That his approval is dropping ever so quickly into Hell
He is sadly so mentally and cognitively depraved
To take the steps necessary for Blue Congressional majorities to be saved
A Red dream would be to have veto proof Congress and impeach Harris and Biden
Force the selection of two moderate Blues to stop the danger to the nation to widen
© 4/27/22 The Alaskanpoet  

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