Saturday, April 2, 2022

Garland with New Found Spine Defying Blues' Pressure to Investigate Trump for January 6.


It seems so hard to believe but maybe Merit Garland has recovered his spine
After like a Pavlovian dog yielding to the CRT warriors to label parents guilty of domestic terrorist crimes
In concert with the Association of School Boards called out the FBI
To investigate parents attending school board meetings to the teaching of CRT defy
Produced an outrage across the country and overturned in Virginia the governor’s seat
And made the race in heavily Blue New Jersey a razor thin win
Now as rabid Blues demand Trump investigation seems to toss demands into trash bin
It does not take a genius to see why the Blues are desperate to force Trump from running
With Biden’s first year in office in creating disasters beyond belief stunning
And his cognitive abilities evaporating like a pool of water in Death Valley on a scorching day
And yet announcing he will seek reelection over two years away
With a Congress in both houses in Red hands
And no more biased inquisitions aping investigations to withstand
And COVID in check so he cannot in a basement from the public hide
And his mental abilities fading faster than a Bay of Fundy ebbing tide
Biden against Trump would be a landside loss
Why the Blues need trumped up criminal charges to from the election be tossed
How long the new found spine lasts is not a sure thing
But a politicized DOJ under Garland would a disaster beyond belief to the nation bring

© 4/2/22 The Alaskanpoet


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