Monday, April 25, 2022

Jack Brewer Threatens Joyless Reid with Defamation Suit Over Child Abuse Claim for Black Children at a Anti-CRT Teaching Bill Signing


Joyless Reid is a loose cannon who normal defamation restraints does not heed
But her rant on child abuse by DeSantis finally will make MSNBC’s wallet bleed
She claimed that his using black children at his anti CRT teaching bill was child abuse
Rightfully so a firestorm of criticism by Jack Brewer was set loose
Brewer is a black former NFL player whose faith based foundation serves disadvantaged neighborhoods
The children were from one of his charter schools who the evils of CRT understood
Like most leftist “journalists” in addition of terminal bias Reid has a lazy streak
Did not pursue any inquiry of parental approval or knowledge of what the children knew seek
She has no business trying be a journalist on the air
When her cupboard overflows with bias and the objective shelves are bare
She is a black mind plantation owner who believes that blacks cannot think

Her racist idiotic views must be flushed down the sink

Brewer has demanded a retraction or a defamation lawsuit he will file
Good for him, we hope he wins to curtail this pseudo journalist’s bile
© April 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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