Saturday, April 2, 2022

Don Young Dies Waiting at Sea-Tac for Plane Home Hockey Mom Palin to Run in Special Election to Replace Him


The news out of Alaska came as a surprise
A special election to fill Alaska’s sole House seat due to Young’s demise
The 25 term Congressman who was running for reelection at age 88
After arriving in Sea-Tac from L.A. died while for a flight to  Alaska await
Mentally alert and energetic he seemed almost immortal
Heading home to Fort Yukon now to the Dark Boatman’s portal
The noted hockey mom Sarah Palin has thrown her hat into the rink
Tina Fey must be jumping for joy looking to pop the corks for a celebratory drink
Uncertain whether Palin’s walking off the job as governor of the 49th state
Will sour voters who think quitters do not their vote rate
If she wins her primary and in the general wins
Look for a MSM vicious attacks painting her in an ultra-right winger spin
SNL during Trump ceased to be funny with its biased political attacks
But signs of political humor returning as it is giving Biden less slack
With Fey back in her Palin imitation role
Hope that SNL focuses on achieving humor goals
© April 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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