Tuesday, April 5, 2022

When It Comes to Genocide Putin Is No Different Than Stalin.

You could dissolve the Soviet Union but in Russia its DNA code still remains
So should not be a surprise to find they are killing innocent civilians in Ukraine
The Soviets in their botched occupation of Afghanistan bombed, shelled and strafe villages at will
After 9 years when they finally left in tail between their legs 2 million Afghans had been added to the butchers’ bill
Earlier in East Germany, Poland and Hungary against civilians who wanted to be free
The Soviets crushed the rebellions and went on a killing civilians spree
In World War II Stalin forcibly evicted hundreds of thousands of Volga Germans who lived there for years
Off to the wilderness in far off Siberia to be claimed by disease and death from adverse conditions to soon appear
In the Katyn Forest after the Soviets carved up Poland with the Germans over 20,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia were put to death
In the 30’s in Ukraine peasants labeled as Kulaks were subject to grain seizures causing starvation, emaciated bodies taking their last breath
Putin is cast Stalin’s same tyrannical mold
Guaranteed more dead innocent civilian Ukrainians we will behold
If you have a leader who claims the fall of the Soviet Union was the 20th Century’s worst disaster
And when it comes to killing, raping and torturing innocent civilians he is clearly a master
The entire world especially China needs to in a crusade take away his ability to commit genocide
Aid the Ukrainians to push him out from their borders and by the standard of human decency force him to abide
Isolate Russia from world’s economy and make every effort to enable the Russians to know why
To rise up like they did with the Tsar and remove him before more Russian conscripts in an unjust war die
© April 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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