Saturday, April 2, 2022

No LUV for Southwest Airlines Due to Computer Systems Crashing Causing Delays and Cancellations


If there were a contest for public companies whose stock symbol was misnamed
Without doubt Southwest Airlines would win hands down in a landslide for that dubious fame
If you want to find Southwest Airlines on the Big Board look for LUV

The company must have thought what the fliers believed when planes were in the skies above
Now if a passenger most likely not in the skies but stuck in an airport
Because has had Southwest Airlines  your flight cancel and abort
Has little love for LUV because its computer systems have crashed
But a lot of wrath to on social media bash
Southwest was in the passenger doghouse for cancellations due to COVID less than 4 months ago
Somewhat forgiving if due to foul weather and its storms of ice and snow
But to a passenger on business or a vacation trip no excuse
Stuck in an airport for hours and days must be intolerable abuse
In flight cancellations Southwest is not alone
A crisis of a lack of pilots is now shone
Due to requirements of vaccines and not enough flight training schools
Chaos in air transportation but Buttigieg’s silence shows he is an inept fool
Time only to rant on highways that are “racist”
The race card that throughout the left on all issues persists
© 4/2/22 The Alaskanpoet

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