Sunday, April 10, 2022

Biden Wants His DOJ to Focus on Ghost Guns and Ignore Why So Many Shooters Are on the Streets in the First Place i wfoducu H


Like it takes two to tango, it takes two to have a gun shooting
Obvious one needs a gun which for more control the Blues are always rooting
The other one is the shooter, law abiding whose shooting was not an accident or a crime
Or a shooter who is using the gun to commit and merits jail on conviction almost all the time
As gun violence across the nations soars
The need to prosecute to the full extent more liberal D.A.’s ignore
Not just for using a gun but committing a violent crime
A sad omen one or other lethal weapon will be used next time
A one to punch against the public of lenient charging if at all D.A.’s
And liberal judges not reading the tea leaves and sending these thugs to prisons for much longer stays
Biden and his DOJ want to focus on ghost guns put together by shooters with nontraceable parts
If the police cannot trace a firearm the hunt for the shooter is hampered for the very start
Not sure what parts make a gun a “ghost gun” but hopefully not scopes, tripods or decorative stocks do not meet the test
But it makes sense to be able to more easily link firearms to the shooter the police want to arrest
But focus on the guns and not the shooters will not reduce the number of victims shot
More effective to focus on forcing D.A.’s to prosecute and enhanced sentencing to have sought
Along with supervised probation for nonviolent and drug crimes as opposed to jail that is a school for how not to be arrested
With better planning and implementation of their crime so investigative attempts will be bested
And since quantity is also an aspect of the quality of the cops
More cops with better training, better nonlethal subduing methods so the excessive use of force or wrongful deaths suits are at least reduced if not stopped
© April 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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