Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Twitter Employees Shell Shocked and Likely Unable to Accept Musk's Purchase

 Not sure what qualifications one must have to at Twitter work

As news of employees melting down and going berserk
Clearly a Twitter employee would most likely cast a Blue vote
The chances of voting Red or Independent must be also remote
The would also likely have exceptionally very thin skins
Such that any conservative idea would throw them into a tailspin
They would have tolerance for only those whose ideas mirrored theirs
Mental cupboards on non-leftist ideas totally bare
Conservatives viewed hardly as humans and no right to their ideas share
At an office meeting after Twitter Board’s vote sobs and tears and shell shocked 1000 yards stares
Would not be surprised if the workers were given the day off
Unable to accept that their vaunted algorithms now merit only scoff
Employee turnover for most businesses is a lose lose proposition
Not sure if Twitter will want to retain those believing true free speech condemns them to perdition
A town square Twitter committed to free speech
Will if burdened by a 5th column its new full potential never reach
Musk will most likely have to start handing out pink slips
If the new Twitter will be free of leftist censorship
© April 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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