Thursday, April 28, 2022

Mayorkas Trumps Narcissism of Koskinen Denying On Border He Is What Buck's Constituents Believe--A Benedict Arnold


After watching the testimony on Tea Party targeting by IRS Chairman Koskinen
Never in my lifetime I have ever thought we would see such an arrogant narcissist again
Listening to Mayorkas being grilled by Representative Buck I clearly was wrong
Buck claimed in his role of protecting our border his constituents thought he was a traitor and did not belong
Mayorkas who in the past has claimed the border was closed felt no shame
Could not believe after his years of public service he was being defamed
Record levels of illegals crossing almost each and every day
This arrogant egotist believes he should be rewarded for reducing the delay
Not in returning them back but getting them in to the interior quicker
With only promises to appear years from now revealing his being sicker
Consistent with the open border left that illegals are the victims that deserve our aid
He revealed medical personnel from VA hospitals were to head the border which Reds introduced a bill that would forbade
Slow walked the court’s requirement to reinstate Trump policy to in Mexico remain
Probably frustrated beyond belief his plans to end Title 42 have gone down the legal drain
Since this narcissist does not have the ability to admit his failure and resign
Come January 3 with majorities in Congress Articles of Impeachment to the private sector him consign
© 4/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

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