Thursday, April 7, 2022

Russia Admits Significant Losses to Go with 7 Dead Generals--a Quick Deja Vu Afghanistan and Bye Bye Putin


Truth is always the first casualty of war
The military never wants to reveal when its casualties soar
Russia has been tight lipped as to its attacks
But cannot conceal that the Ukrainians have been pushing them back
Revealing war crimes against civilians that can now be told
In eastern Ukraine despite massive destruction of cities they have continued hold
Russia has now revealed as it redeploys its forces from Kviv
In an admission that to swiftly take the city it could not achieve
That its forces have suffered casualties that have been significant
Proof positive that the Ukrainians in defense of their nation have been magnificent
NATO has estimated that 7 to 15 thousand Russians have died
While Russians have admitted 7 of its generals have not death defied
If the number 15,000 is correct or close, Putin should be working up a sweat
In 9 years of war in Afghanistan 15,000 Soviet troops were by death met
Whatever weapons we can send to increase Russian body counts we should send
When more and more body bags start arriving in Russia Putin’s term may quickly end
More weapons to enable Ukrainians to not just defend but to regain ground
God help the Russians in world opinion if more evidence of war crimes are found
Maybe time to start building some Iron Domes
To prevent Ukrainian cities from being deadly killing zones
© April 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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