Thursday, April 28, 2022

Mayorkas Failed to Stop illegals Now Has Chance Stop "Disinformation" on Social Media--Hope He Flames Out in Failure Again


Mayorkas ridiculed by Reds on his failure to the border begin to seal must be licking his chops
He has been given another border to prevent the flow of certain items stop
Not humans and things but ideas on the internet
Confident this time he will succeed and his border failures forget
His new fiefdom will be the Disinformation Governance Board
On Social Media his minions will wield censorship swords
The Blues believed in free speech because pre Musk social media like Twitter they controlled
Hiding behind algorithms mere mortals could not decipher or understand on the free flow of ideas they took a toll
Classic case in point the Hunter Biden laptop was disappeared from the news scene
Fake Russian disinformation being pedaled by the New York Post that must not be seen
The idea that Biden was the “Big Guy” with 10 percent reserved in a Chinese deal
No surprise that the DNC so close to the election wanted to the revelation conceal
Or the fact that despite Biden’s solemn straight faced vow that he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings
That’s not finally released White House logs and emails are now revealing
Would the revelations of Chinese influence over Hunter shifted some votes
Sadly Twitter joined by the MSM made that possibility somewhat remote
When disinformation is an outright lie it insults our intelligence to assume we our too dumb to know
But when the disinformation is by omission more likely that not we won’t find out we have been snowed
Dangerous slope but when Blues believe in ends justifies the means
Censorship will result in our from the truth being weaned
© 4/28/22 The Alaskanpoet


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