Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ari Melber Is the New Chicken Little Sky Is Falling Over Musk's Acquisition of Twitter--What a Clown!


It is hard to remember a time MSM has been so apoplectic and so bitter
When the Twitter Board had announced it had accepted Musk’s offer to buy Twitter
Almost like an immediate knee-jerk reaction to democracy’s imagined coming doom
The left warned that democracy was in grave peril if conservative ideas were not banned from social media rooms
Their hypocrisy exposed that none of them believe in free speech that is really free
Since they believe speech is free if and only if with the left the speakers agree
MSNBC parroting this hypocrisy takes the cake
When the slightest thread of objectivity it forsakes
Ari Melber, trying to pass himself off as a “journalist” renown
Comes across as a total Chicken Little Clown
Claims that since Musk now owns Twitter he could ban political candidates
Take away access to the public for a sure loss to await
Melber must have been a Rip Van Winkle all this years
When conservative thinkers were banned on social media never to appear
Twitter, Facebook, and Google with their algorithm curtains to block
Any deviation from accepted MSM or DNC acceptable thought
To think Musk, a free speech libertarian, will ban politicians is absurd
Melber needs to chill out and accept Musk at his word

© April 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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