Saturday, April 2, 2022

As Russians Flee from Chernobyl Due to Radiation Exposure Karma Reigns


Accidents sadly often occur and are part of humans’ lot
But concealing a deadly accident from the public and other nations is not
Chernobyl nuclear power plants in Ukraine when it was a Soviet state
Experienced a nuclear reactor meltdown which remains the worst ever to date
Nuclear waste spewed across Europe and in Chernobyl a dead zone created
That would take hundreds upon hundreds of years before the deadly effects abated
The Soviets’ concealment and disregard of civilian life merited universal scorn
But the events in Ukraine proof positive that those proclivities in Russia have not been shorn
In their attempt to encircle Kviv the Russians captured Chernobyl
Ignorant that the half-life of radioactive power plant emissions was radioactive still
Contrary to Putin’s belief of an easy victory the Ukrainians did not fold
Slowly pushing Russians back from seized territory they could no longer hold
On the defensive the Russians started digging trenches in radioactive ground covered by layers of soil
Only a question of time before times of radiation exposure began to take its toll
Russian troops were not yet in the dark starting to glow
But the Geiger Counters were chirping like a swarm of cicada indicating “time to go”
Time to believe in Karma for the Soviets originally caused this radioactive mess
And decades later their repeat actions are causing the Russians a deadly distress
Our hats go off to Zelenskyy and the Ukrainians against the genocidal Russians stand
While for Biden condemnation for his slow walking to give Ukraine a well-deserved and needed weapons hand
© April 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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