Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Disney Is blowing It Fighting De Santis on Banning Gender Identification Studies Until 4th Grade


Disneyland promoted itself as the “happiest place on Earth”
No more it’s now where you get your Woke’s worth
No more greetings of  “Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys”
Not woke enough so “dreamers” and “friends” welcome to Disneyland enjoy
All in the name of inclusion so those who reject their biologic sex can feel they belong
And the overwhelming majority who accept their sex must bit their tongue and go along
Walt Disney designed Disneyland so kids could be kids and enjoy
And parents could with their kids their childhood redeploy
The magic of escaping the rat race of the working world to watch  a mouse dancing in the streets
Your child laughing with huge smiles rushing to the mouse to greet
A fantasyland to exist while they were in the confines of the park
To take it home with the ears on their head to fall asleep when it was dark
Disney in a war with De Santis preventing sexual orientation teach before the third grade
Wanting the discussion to start in kindergarten merits a failing grade
Watch the parents with small children from attendance bail
As revenues fall watch the stock holders wail
Most animal species have young that can a birth walk
To move from the predators that stalk
Humans are blessed with longer childhoods with fantasies to follow and grow
Disaster if the Woke warriors on them before third grade adult ideas attempt to bestow
© April 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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