Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Chicago Suffers Under the Bobbsey Twins of Mayor Lightweight and State Attorney Kimberly Fox


Blue Run cities are staggering under the surging violent crime curse
And with Soros backed soft on crime D.A.’s misery is made much worse
The residents who suffer the most are those most likely brown or black
They are the likely victims of the thugs of color who without remorse attack
Finally the BLM is being exposed as a caring for blacks safety fraud
Only if a cop pulled the trigger did their protest riots TV viewers awed
Nameless blacks and browns shot and killed by thugs of color were not their concern
But a black victim shot by a white or cop of color and it was BLM time to a city burn
Being someone of color in Chicago is a status one should rightfully fear
24/7 even in broad daylight there are no safe places when armed thugs of color appear
But Chicago also has the misfortune to also be suffering from a deadly pox
The Bobbsey Twins of incompetence Mayor Lightweight and State Attorney Kim Fox
Lightweight wages a war on the CPD and Fox is soft on crime
Perfect Storm of not enough cops to arrest and if so lack of prosecutions for them to serve time
From the public tired of funerals you can hide one’s failures only so long
Lightweight and Fox’s policies do not belong
Three black thugs killed a black with hammers yet Fox would not murder charges pursue and the main suspect would be released in four hours
A Chicago Police Department Commander stepped in and approve a murder charge and his confinement to be empowered
Instead of touting more and more gun control
More arrests, more convictions, longer sentences should be the goal
© 4/27/22 The Alaskanpoet

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