Sunday, April 3, 2022

Axios Hits Nail on Its Head That Any Achievements Claimed by Biden Are Wiped Out by Inflation and High Gas Prices


Biden’s inane and desperate attempts to blame Putin for high gas prices are falling on deaf ears
Any doubt look at service stations where no “Blame Putin” instead of “Let’s Go Brandon” stickers appear
The short supply of gas is a direct result not of Putin’s war but Biden’s fossil fuel war
As the economy starts to recover from the pandemic the cost of gasoline will continue to soar
Instead of lame attempts to solve the problem by releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve
Which was created to bridge disruptions in supply not attempts to Blue reelections preserve
Almost everyone including the oil companies know
That renewable energy in the future has to be the way to go
But until renewables can supply a noninterruptable energy supply

On fossil fuels we will have to also rely
To ban fracking that seems be a Blue goal
Which will mean to charge the EV’s and keep the lights on we are going to have to turn to coal
And flush all our reductions in carbon emissions down the drain
Without fossil fuels the bridge 0 carbon emissions will disappear
To be replaced by a dead end pier
No wonder the Green New Deal Warriors seem to have lost their brains
Axios has hit the nail on the head to proclaim
Any Biden economic “achievement” will not help Blues’ reelection game
Fleeing to Delaware each weekend with his cognitive powers almost completely gone
He is probably oblivious to the election disaster on his party will dawn

© 4/3/22 The Alaskanpoet

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