Saturday, April 23, 2022

New Book Claims Jill Biden Did Not Want Harris on the Ticket Because of Her Attacks on Him

 For Blues who thought Jill Biden would Edith Wilson ape

Help Joe Biden from public’s recognition of dementia 2 escape
Have to be disappointed as clearly watching Joe when off the teleprompter his dementia is fairly clear
Watching him anyone who believes in the office must be trying hard to hold back the tears
A mind is something that we pray never should to go to waste
And in Joe’s case add the additional pray that it proceed at not an accelerating pace
One would like to be the proverbial fly on the White House bedroom wall
To hear Joe confide in Jill that in 2024 he would be campaigning for reelection in the fall
More so than anyone else on the planet she must be aware of the tasks his brain cannot master
No matter what she does and no matter how many of the MSM she is able to enlist
Even if he campaigns again in the bunker basement voters faced with his severe dementia will voting for him resist
Biden has been in politics his whole life and in campaigns to run he is two losses and one win
If he does not seek reelection he will be able for history to leave with a positive spin
No landslide but the largest ever of popular votes and broke the color gender SCOTUS bar
Even with the expected Red landslide in 2022 he could be a one term star
But barring a stroke or submitting to what should be required a cognitive mental awareness test
He and his unlucky running mate who Reds hope will be Harris will be drubbed in the reelection test
Blues trying to ward off the slaughter will be praying that Jill is whispering 24/7 in his ear
“She attacked you and has been a complete disaster and would use the 25th--On the ticket she must not appear”
© April 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet       

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