Saturday, August 6, 2022

Rhodes College Band of Alumni Petition to Remove Justice Barrett From Its Hall of Fame For Honor Code Violations


“Pro Choice” advocates’ wheel no matter how small a minority squeaks the loudest in search of the most grease
In a latest example of this well used adage, we look the Rhodes College Alumni Reproductive Rights group that demand Justice Barrett’s name on its Hall of Fame cease
This band of “concerned” alumni has made the outrageous claim
In her testimony to the Senate the Rhodes College Honor Code with her violation shamed
The Code commands that one should not lie
Which in her discussion of Roe v Wade her belief on its constitutionality she defied
Rhodes also has a Diversity code that prohibits discrimination and harassment based on a host of characteristics like race
But silent like most of academia on discrimination based on conservative thought which the left strives to erase
Doubt if any of this small band of squeakers were outraged over the stealing and leaking of Alioto’s draft opinion
Overturning Roe and blowing the dog whistles of hate to summon the zealots prochoice minions
It may be admirable that Rhodes Alumni want to do their part that the Honor Code after graduation is still observed
But is to be condemned when applied to the political arena and only against those who vote to support those platforms that conserve
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Sinema Lulled by Private Equity and Venture Capital Contributions Ends Opposition When End of Carried Interest Is Removed


Politicians adhere to the Unruh Rule that money is the mothers’ milk of politics
Campaign contributions are popular sought crucifixes
The need for donors with deep pockets crosses the aisles
As necessary for nourishment as the annual flooding of the Nile
When on any bill, the lobbyists and PACS stalk
Principles and integrity in the other direction quickly walk
Kirsten Sinema was the only Horatio after Manchin after a promise of a pipeline to his state chose to fold
Now on the misnamed Inflation Reduction Bill will vote as by Schumer he is told
Sinema who is a favorite donee target of venture capital and private equity funds in opposition caved
When the ban of the costly loophole of the carried interest converting ordinary income to capital gains was sent to the grave
In the early days of venture capital when funds were 10 to 20 million in size
Management fees of less than 500 grand to run an office meant need for capital gain inducement to the right team comprise
Now with fund sizes in the multi millions a very wealthy salary for the VC’s to earn
Regardless of whether their funding limited partners earn a decent rate of return
Should have kept the loophole death sentence in
And thrown the idea of 80,000 more IRS agents into trash bin
For Manchin his payback of a pipeline to his state
With Red animosity and no reconciliation he will have a long time to wait
© August 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

6 Killed Including Child and 8 Month Pregnant Woman When Nurse in a Mercedes Runs a Red Light At 80+ Mph


In the City of Angels, on Thursday the angels had left their halos at home
As a nurse in her 40’s in a speeding Mercedes turned an intersection into a flaming combat zone
At speeds near or over 80 she ran a redlight and into cars crashed
Several burst into flames as if bombs had the intersection thoroughly bashed
6 people were killed including a baby who was ejected from the car
Including also a pregnant lady 8 months pregnant whose fetus to this death had no bar
8 people including the driver hospitalized conditions unknown
All due to a speeding Mercedes driven by a nurse through a red light blown
Mercedes are well built to a crash even at high speeds to withstand
The nurse survived and if she underwent surgery she will have a handcuff on wrist of one hand
The other firmly attached to the bed rail
Her calling to save lives sadly on that day failed
For her own sake facing many years
And the deaths and injuries to innocents in her conscience seared
We  hope that her accelerator suddenly jammed or a seizure caused her foot to press to the floor
And also hope that the idea of not driving after drinking she did not ignore
Whatever her reason she will be in a world of emotional hurt
Doubt while in prison to atone for her crimes she’ll be able in the prison med ward be able to her nursing skills assert
© August 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, August 5, 2022

Biden Continues to Test Positive as Poster Child For the Limitations on the Vaccine


If we ever had any doubt that Fauci and the CDC on vaccines were blowing smoke
Biden’s latest infection of COVID those doubts would revoke
Joe and Jill were the poster couple walking down the beach side by side
Wearing masks when  on camera but even when on bike rides
Fauci swore the vaccines would slow and prevent the COVID-19 spread
Yet Biden is proof positive that it lessens the symptoms and mortality rates instead
In the inane push to compel every adult to take the needle what have we achieved
Thousands of soldiers, first responders, medical personnel and pilots put on leave
Thousands of school age children stuck in virtual learning to fall behind
A whole generation of elementary school kids with devastated minds
Those left working overtimes to their health impair
Their skills run down with little if any room left for error
The visible signs of collapse are most likely see
In the growing number of cancelled or delayed flights at crowded passenger terminal scenes
Blues and Teachers’ unions want to continue to the masses control
Mask mandates, shutdowns with viral meetings, limited church service and meetings to achieve their goals
© August 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Moscow Judge Hits Griner with 9 Year Sentence End of Career Without Prisoner Swap


A Moscow judge has handed down his sentence on Brittany Griner today
At nine years in prison if served full time never again will a game of basketball will she play

Her only chance for freedom would be a prison exchange
Which with the swap of deadly terrorist arms dealer Viktor Bout the Biden Administration trying to arrange
Most Americans are outraged over the sentence and the conditions in Russian jails
And the danger of more swaps generated more seizures of Americans by Putin’s thugs entail
As much as releasing Bout would be like swap of Bergdahl for 5 Taliban
Who not much longer after their release they were back in business in Afghanistan
It is the right thing to do
But this time be prepared to Hellfire him if he shows killing Americans he’s not through
Sadly leave it to the MSM in the form of CNN’s Dana Bash
Who blames the arrest on the fact WNBA players are not paid enough cash
The NBA men are paid many, many more dollars than women in the WNBA
Which is why so many go to Europe including Russia during the off season
Griner the highest paid woman in the WNBA was by the Russians paid more
The fans there are willing to pay premium to the rare woman who often dunks when she scores
Advertising revenue not ticket prices are the big salary driver

The WNBA lacks the fans to rack in the ad dollars so its players are hanging on survivors
Thanks to the plight of Griner that poverty may end
The head of the WNBA announced a $75 million infusion to capitalize on the growing interest in women’s sports trend
A huge gap due to the NBA’ expanding global reach
The WNBA better posed to adopt what the NBA marketing wizards can them teach
© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

De Santis Bombshell Is That He Fired Leftist State Attorney Andrew Warren For Failing to Enforce Child Sex Change and Abortion Restrictions

De Santis’ Office had tweeted yesterday he would make an announcement that would cause leftist meltdown
Many had speculated that he would be announcing his intention to run for the Oval Office in Swamp town
Florida has a provision for recall of elected officials but rarely used
But the governor can if he feels an elected state attorney his prosecutorial discretion has abused
State attorney Andrew Warren, a progressive in the likes of Gascon backed by George Soros, has refused to enforce child sex change and abortion restriction laws
His attempts in essence to by failing to prosecute violations of such laws assuming a governor’s veto power was the last straw
Consistent with Florida law De Santis removed him today
Like a true leftist caught ignoring laws as not meant for him do not be surprised if he refuses to obey
If so, he should be forcibly from his office removed
Right thing to do but the coming over the top leftist anger will not be soothed
Soros is on a mission to our system of justice change to meet his ideals
To focus less on punishment and incarceration and more on rehabilitation to the felon heal
The victims’ safety and suffering are not taken into account
Little surprise in cities with Soros backed D.A.’s crime continues to mount

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet



West Virginia Bans State from Doing Business With Banks That Seek High EGS Levels by Restricting Loans to Fossil Fuel Companies


Woke is a pervasive cancer that through almost all segments of our society has spread
From politics, education, the military, academia, sports and business being fought by the Reds
A recent woke in the banking industry has recently reared its prosperity killing head
Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards designed to prevent fossil fuel consumption move ahead
Five large banks have announced that to better raised their EGS level will lower fossil fuel lending exposure
Which will in West Virginia lead to many tax paying coal mine closures
Taking a cue from the PLO’s creation of the BDS movement against Israel decades ago
And the boycotts and sanctions against South Africa which dealt apartheid a mortal blow
West Virginia will no longer do business with those five banks
That are biting the hand that feeds them and driving fossil fuel companies into the tank
Fortunately West Virginia is not alone and the State Financial Officers Foundation is attacking the weaponization of capital by woke
To insure states run by Reds move to dealings with banks and financial institution that promote and follow woke ESG standards revoke
Sadly California, New York, and Illinois more like Blue run banana republics than two party states
Will most likely not join but increase in all sectors their pushing of falsely imagined woke mandates

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet