Thursday, October 6, 2022

Deja Vu of Cell Phones' Lithium Batteries Bursting Into Flames As EV's Flooded By Hurricane Ian Do the Same


The Green New Deal’s path to zero carbon emissions will be EV’s
If and only if there will be enough charging stations for drivers to see
And a power grid robust enough during heat waves that avoiding blackout there will be no doubt
And being able to charge EV’s during 3-9 P.M. to avoid rolling blackouts
A weak power grid prone to blackouts or brownouts will be the new Achilles Heel
Inability to charge or unable to find charging stations will curb the buying EV’s zeal
In a déjà vu of lithium batteries in cell phones years ago bursting into flames
Hurricane Ian has revealed a new issue to the desire for EV’s tame
The storm surge of the ocean pushed by winds of hurricane of CAT 4
Quickly flooded cars on the streets or in garages’ ground floors
Salt water and lithium batteries powering EV’s do not mix well
The EV no longer starts or worse bursts into flames that are hard to quell
If one lives near the coast or near rivers in a hurricane’s path
Where residents can be seen on top of roofs to escape the storm surge’s wrath
If a person owns an EV and it cannot be parked above the second floor
To save it evacuation to much higher ground will be much harder to ignore
The good news is that the potential death count will be reduced
If those in the hurricane’s or flooding’s path quickly vamoose
© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Hunter Biden May Be Facing Federal Indictments Soon Even Though Grand Jury Investigation Him Has Ended Its Term


A common Red campaign cry is that Biden has politicized the DOJ and FBI
Making it impossible for conservatives to on a Blind Lady Justice rely
Parents protesting the teaching of CRT in public schools
Are being surveilled as domestic terrorist tools
11 prolife supporters at a Tennessee abortion clinic were indicted by DOJ for violating the FACE Act
While the DOJ has turned a blind eye to the 17 prolife centers have been vandalized in attacks
Hunter Biden whose business dealings with the CCP are highly suspect
Whose business dealings in Ukraine were saved by a Biden VP’s to Ukraine aid reject
Unless a Ukraine prosecutor investigating Hunter was removed
While the FBI has been sitting on his laptop which collusion with the CCP by the “Big Guy” might prove
Hunter has been investigated by a Grand Jury which ended its term in June
No indictments for Hunter to breathe a sigh of relief that he had escaped doom
May have breathed too quickly as leaks that the feds may be ready to Hunter indict
For perjury, foreign lobbying charges and income tax evasion that may be hard to fight
The ”Big Guy” who lied with a straight face again and again to the nation
That he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings deserves our condemnation
He is lucky beyond belief that the MSM and Social Media killed the story of Hunter’s laptop
A steady stream that the computer was pure Russian fabrication and election interference that would not stop
Not sure if the leak is true but the more it looks like the Reds will in the midterms will prevail
The greater the chances are Hunter will get a Get out of Jail Card via a plea bargain that prison may or may not entail
If prison do not be surprised that Hunter will try to a pardon himself avail
Since Biden’s running in 2024 is a pipe dream there would be no run to the nation’s outrage derail

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Pardons All Federal Convictions For Simple Marijuana Possession


Maybe Biden was listening to Harris who had his ear
Or maybe the Jamaican-American vote to the Blues he wanted to steer
But he announced that he will pardon all federal simple marijuana possession acts
Encouraged state governors where possession is legal to follow and pointed out possession convictions are mostly among blacks
It is only a question of time before marijuana possession and use will be legal in all 50 states
Even if criminal on federal statues after this pardon as de facto legislative legalization all prosecutions will abate
Since the sale of marijuana is still a federal crime and banks are loathe to bank legal marijuana dispensing stores
Forcing them to be cash and carry and magnets for felons who the cash on hand cannot ignore
Congress should pass a law legalizing possession and sale of the quantities legal in the states
Although many doctors would prefer delay until studies on lung damage from smoking marijuana have been subject to thorough debate
© October 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

It's "Protect and Serve" Geldart Not a Smaller Citizen Assault


Christopher Geldart, the Washington, D.C. Deputy of Public Safety and Justice,
Who works out at Gold’s Gym and is a big man with muscles looking quite robustus
Evidently is not familiar with the job specs
Supposed to keep public safe not assault their necks
Geldart opening his car door in an Arlington Gold’s Gym hit Dustin Woodward’s girlfriend’s auto
Not sure the damage extent but quickly in altercation that followed Geldart forgot the ”Protect and Serve” motto
Assaulted a much smaller Golds’ Gym trainer by the neck
As spectators moved to stop the assault and the smaller Woodward to protect
Woodward called Geldart a big bully and assault charges chose to file
Looks like Geldart will be on administrative leave for a while
A reporter showed Mayor Bowser a phone video clip of the assault
Who said the act was being investigated to see who was at fault
Could not comment due to ongoing investigation
To Geldart after seeing the video a suggestion
Assaulting a citizen has nothing to do with your job description
You might want to spiff up the resume and start looking for a new position

© October 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Rams Couldn't Stop 49er Runners But Could a Streaker With a Pink Smoke Bomb


During the Rams 49ers Monday night
Fans were treated to a disturbing sight
Alex Taylor carrying a pink smoke bomb rushing onto the field
Pink smoke bellowing out as to security demands to halt he did not yield
Running quickly he was able to security chasing him elude
Until near the Rams sidelines, he foolishly chose to intrude
Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner with the speed and power of an elkhound
Quickly and effortless knocked Taylor to the ground
For security to catch this streaker to drag him off the field
As one of the few times to runners the Ram defense did not yield
Like the true litigious society we find ourselves in when protestors fail to comport
Against Wagner and the Rams, Taylor filed a police report
This was not a harmless protest when Rams had no idea if the bomb would explode
Carried by a fleeing streaker who was not doing what he was told
This is action that should never see a day in court
Likewise the expected civil assault charge that a judge should abort

© October 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Leopard Doesn't Change His Spots Nor Does Leftist Gabe Vasquez on Police, Open Border, Economy and Income Inequality


As the election nears
Watch for the chameleon candidates to appear
Both sides of the aisle ape the color changing reptile
Sadly candidates sniffing the voting winds have been doing this for a long while
Gabe Vasquez who is trying to convince voters he is not 100% behind the Green New Deal
His support of the oil and gas production jobs in New Mexico he belatedly now reveals
One color change does not this chameleon into a desirable candidate make
Anyone who believes this rabid leftist has mellowed is making a big mistake
This socialist who believes America is really Amerikka to blacks and browns oppress
Wants to deconstruct the police and the economy with half-baked schemes leading to massive safety and economic distress
Clearly a believer of an open border wanting more illegals not less
And end to whites being elected and income inequality—the man does not jest
Pelosi supports this socialist/Communist fool
Knowing he would for her a very loyal tool
Too often our minds with all the political ads become fogged
Become mired in the what can be believed bog
But in Gabe’s case the record of his past is all too clear
If you want a secure border, less crime, lower inflation and gas prices, his election you should fear

© October 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Blue Gabe Vasquez Running For House Does 180 on Fossil Fuels to Try to Avoid Defeat By Red Incumbent


Blue Gabe Vasquez was dumb enough to buy the Green New Deal
Hook, line and sinker despite the idiocy it revealed
As a city councilman in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2018
He advocated that from fossil fuels we must immediately be weaned
Ignorant of the simple fact that to zero carbon levels achieve
We will need fossil fuels to bridge to zero or recession and starvation we will grieve
Today now running for the House Gabe done an about face
Now argues fossil fuels are needed not wanting to jobs erase
Voters should question whether his new support is for real
Or whether if he wins he will revert back to the Green New Deal
Voters should see through this “change of heart”
To know on winning he would move to ban fossils from the energy mart
Nice try Gave as Biden’s war on fossils and OPEC are causing the price to rise
A change too little, too late to prevent your campaign’s demise

© October 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet