Thursday, June 13, 2024

WBNA Black Players Toss the Reverse Racist Card At Caitlin Clark


Black players in the NBA have dominated the game
Their orphan in terms of fan support feel the WNBA should be the same
But the number one pick, Caitlin Clark has doused that claim
Sadly the black WNBA stars are playing the race card to recover their fame
Claiming Clark is not a super star but achieving fame only because she is white
Sadly the ugly head of reverse racism we now see in plain sight
The adage that white men cannot jump
In women’s basketball goes into the trash dump
Dunks in women’s basketball are few and fairly far between
More likely passes to the open woman, give and goes or open three’s we will have seen
Caitlin in such skills is a phenom who is one of the best
The WNBA should racist attacks on her skills arrest
Instead of a tantrum for not making the 24 Olympic Team she deserved
She wished them well as her icon of sportsmanship was preserved
In basketball we should return to Red Auerbach where the only colors to be seen
Were not  White, Black, Yellow or Brown but rather Celtic Green

© 6/13/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Anti-Israeli Protestors at Cal State L.A. Leave Peaceful Protest Site To Seize and Damage Student Services Building Before LAPD Arrive and Forced To Leave


The anti-Israel protests continue across this land
Shedding more and more the peaceful label by more and more bands
Fortunately nowhere near the national protests on the Vietnam War in size
But becoming more violent and destructive with antisemitism on the rise
Cal State L.A was latest college to be hit
50-100 protestors seized a student services building and departure of its president and some employees would not permit
Wearing kaffiyehs and face coverings they erected barricades around the building to keep outsiders from coming in
With the memory of the Holocaust and survivors still alive this a protest they will not win
Buildings and contents were damaged and graffiti in the rooms applied
But when finally some administrators showing spine LAPD arrived and their orders to vacant the protestors complied

© 6/13/ 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Cuban Missile Deja Vu As Russian Naval Squadron in Havana Harbor To Conduct Military Drills--Ukrainian Support Quid Pro Quo?


Shades of the Cuban Missile Crisis where the Cold War came closest to going nuclear it ever came
A Russian Navy squadron of 3 ships have entered Havana’s Harbor to proclaim
Russian intent to conduct in the Caribbean military drills
Which should send to the Pentagon shivers of chill
After Biden authorized Ukraine to use U.S. supplied missiles to hit targets in Russia engulfing them in flames
Putin implied a quid pro quo exposing the U.S. from Russia allies like Venezuela and Cuba to the same
Putin’s implication is an empty threat
As Cuba and Venezuela are not that stupid yet
But the U.S. Navy is already stretched paper thin
And does not need another body of water and conflict it would have to win
North Korea, the Taiwan Straits, the Red Sea, and the Baltic already on the list
Our sanctions against Russians toolbox seems empty to force Putin to cease and desist
The only light in the tunnel to move the world’s rogues or bad action to rejoin civilized race
Will be in November when a senile, frail, cognitively impaired and low energy commander in chief is replaced

© 6/12/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet



fter 2 Burglaries Goldie Hawn Reveals She Has Hired Armed Guards For Protection


Not only are there two systems of justice in our divided nation
There are also two systems of crime prevention
If you are a person of color your only tools are to be armed and call 911
If you are and live in a city with a Soros backed D.A.
Or a mayor or city council who think if you defund the police crime will still be held at bay
Or worse believe that property crime is justified
As a down payment on reparations that are still being denied
But if you are a person of wealth knowing waiting for a 911 response is a waste of time
To protect yourself and family and hire armed security as a way to prevent crime
The news that the L.A. home of  Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel was hit by burglars twice should not come as a surprise
Felons are not stupid and know Willie Suttons advice is on point and really wise
You may steal in neighborhoods of color or poverty and rarely if ever be caught
But unlikely you will find anything of value that in burglarizing you sought
So you target homes of the wealthy because that’s where the money is
Case a home, enter it quickly, ransack and then be gone in a whiz
But denizens of L.A. of wealth like Hawn and Russel now have guards who are armed
Trained and able to unleash upon a felon deadly harm
The left’s assault on firearms whether at home or in concealed carry
While crime continues to rise and safety disappears will cause voters to them bury
Hopefully along with the Soros backed D.A. like Gascon who applaud catch and release
Or their flight and their tax dollars flight will continue to increase

© 6/12/2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Todd's Bias In Full Display Claiming Hunter's Guilty Verdict Will Have DOJ Politicization Charges Fade Away


When it comes to objectivity as a member of the 4th estate
It’s only bias that we find as heaping servings on Chuck Todd’s plate
After a jury in less than 3 hours rendered in Hunter’s case a guilty verdict
He pontificated that Trump’s charge of a DOJ politization was licked
How could the DOJ be political when Hunter was prosecuted and found guilty of lying on a gun purchase form about being an abuser of crack?
But when it comes to concealing bias Todd is a master so we would forget what the early stages of the Hunter investigation lacked
Serious income tax charges arising out of income from foreign nations not our friend
Instead of speedy prosecution, DOJ slow walking the investigations allowing statues of limitations to prosecution of the charges end
As a first time offender addicted to crack
Hunter’s likely sentence any deterrent prison time will lack
Look for confined rehab which is something he could really use
Clean today but the relapse demons are probably not far away trying to get him to crack once again abuse.
Trump knows of the addiction beast that his brother suffered from its powerful attraction
He has complained we should be investigating the Biden Family quid pro quo and that the false gun addiction purchase  charges are an unwanted  distraction

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Hunter Biden Failed the "Duck Test" and the Jury Found Him Guilty Of Lying On a Federal Gun Purchase Form That He Was Not a Crack Addict


A familiar adage is “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck
And if you try to convince someone it’s something else, you are sh*t out of luck
Likewise if someone smokes crack, needs to smoke it every day and in many rehabs for long rarely stays
It is likely a clear case of crack addiction on display
Hunter’s lawyers failed to convince the jury he was not an crackhead
With his memoirs on addiction, cash withdrawals, text and phone messages and witnesses testimony could not put him on the stand and he was found guilty instead
The jury would not buy the pathetic argument he was not on crack when he purchased a gun
And therefore not lying on the federal form and a guilty verdict the jury should shun
Hunter Biden now faces potentially 25 years in prison because earlier his lawyer tried to pull the wool over a District Court Judge’s eyes
With an overreaching plea bargain that the judge was forced to deny
Hunter will not be allowed to look to his dad for a pardon but his best hope
Is for a sentence of confinement in a crack rehab facility followed by parole with a drug use monitoring ankle bracelet to help him with the relapse urges to cope
Trump whose brother was an alcoholic was glad the distraction from quid pro quo of the “Biden Influence Pedaling” is done
So the House can focus on the millions raked in by the Biden Family from our foes that should Americans really stun

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden Apes Lot's Wife Pilar Becoming a Stone Statue With 1000 Yard Stare at a Blue Juneteenth Celebration


Biden and Harris were attending a Juneteenth celebration with all but one of the celebrants clapping and swaying
Because Biden next to Harris went into his impression of Lot’s wife and froze and all movement went away
For 20 seconds Biden looked like a statue of stone staring off into space
The Trump campaign quickly captured on video and posted as another signal of why Biden must be replaced
Floyd’s brother seeing Biden aping Pilar put around Biden his arm
Freeing him from his stone like freeze to try to minimize the harm
During the debate with MSM leftists teeing queries not even of the softball kind
But far easier in a desperate attempt to conceal the advancing cognitive decay of his mind
And to try to keep him from freezing up with a thousand yard stare
Proving to viewers that he is not mentally even partially there
Do not be surprised that the biased panel will have given Biden the questions in advance
Hoping that a false front of mentally acuity they will enhance
While Trump in the baseball vernacular can expect plenty of heat
On the corners hard to hit to help Biden Trump in the debate beat
If there is a Biden Juneteenth stone statue repeat
Blue leaders will quickly from the ticket Biden unseat

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet