Friday, December 9, 2022

Senator Sinema Leaves the Blues Will Manchin Given the Blues War on Fossil Fuels Be Next?

The Progressives in the Democratic are tone deaf when it comes to their forcing people to accept their view
It seems like only yesterday that Senator Sinema was chased into a bathroom by angry Progressives at ASU
Outraged that she was not supporting hook, line and sinker Biden’s policies

The Maxine Waters’ “in their face” for Blues to achieve goals is no longer an anomaly
Should not come as a surprise this independent woman from the Blues is leaving
She is going to become an independent and not caucus with the Reds so nominally Blues are still majority achieving
With Biden’s relentless war on fossil fuel energy produced here
The Blues should have another great fear
Senator Manchin is from West Virginia a major producer of coal
But the state is also producing more and more oil as a major goal
Now 13th in oil production in the states and since 2010 up over 900 percent
West Virginians must be wondering why money to import Venezuelan oil is going to be spent
Why Manchin is putting up with the Green fanatics of his party is a total mystery
From the Progressive chokehold on the Blues when will he decide to become free?
He is an astute and reasoned man who like all senators want to keep his seat
Do not be surprised fearing a dementia advanced Biden leading the ticket, time to switch to avoid defeat
Even if the switch is like Sinema’s the switch could remove Chuck
And without a 50/50 tie vote we can the vote from the Word Salad Queen duck
Interesting times that should force party loyalists on both sides of the aisle
To focus on solving issues and less on spewing nonproductive ad hominem attack bile
© December 9, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

December 9 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


The Griner Family is celebrating her release, but the Whalen Family has a lump of coal under their tree as he is still wallowing in a Russian cell under bogus espionage charges and more and more people are questioning the transfer that released a notorious and dangerous arms trader known as “The Merchant of Death” (a deja vu look when in exchange for Bergdahl we released 5 Taliban leaders who probably have long since returned to their respect conflicts). I trust you have addressed and deposited in the mail all of the Christmas cards you were planning to send so you have time to read and enjoy today’s Ridley's Believe It Or Not. Hope you find them informative and worthy of your time to read. If not, please reply “Unsubscribe” and I will delete you from the mailing list.
Ridley’s Believe It Or Not December 9, 2022
          Noted Holiday: International Day of Veterinary Medicine, not sure when or  who created this day to honor the work of  veterinarians but do know that the day was chosen to mark the anniversary of the world’s first school of veterinary medicine in Lyon, France in 1762 and the practice of treating animals has been with us since the time of the Babylonians.
          Word of the Day: The word of the day is “acanaceous” which means bearing prickles or thistles which some plants have like roses or blackberries to protect themselves from herbivores.                                   Number 1 Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 2008 was “Live Your Life” by T.I. feat Rihanna, on a run of 5 weeks noncontinuous  to share with 13 other songs reaching achieving number 1 status while 7 acts, including Static Major who became the 7th artist to achieve first time number 1 status posthumously,   achieved their first number 1 song.  Static Major died at age 33 in a hospital from breathing difficulties from the myasthenia gravis he suffered. Here is a music video with lyrics of T.I. feat. Rihanna  performing “Live Your Life”:       
           Noted Birthdays: Jacob Dylan, born on this day in 1969, is the son of Bob Dylan and creator of the rock band Wallflowers; he is still performing today as a musician and songwriter but has not yet filled his father’s shoes.
          Notable Events that occurred on December 9.
          1.       1946—At Nuremburg 23 defendants, 20 of whom were medical doctors, were tried for human experimentation and mass murder under the guise of euthanasia. 7 of the defendants were acquitted, 7 were found guilty and hanged on June 2, 1948, and 9 were found guilty and sentenced to terms ranging from 10 years to life although all had their sentences commuted to shorter terms and were released between 1951 and 1955. 
          2.       1950—Harry Gold was convicted for helping Karl Fuchs pass classified information about the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union and sentenced to 30 years in prison, of which he served some 30 years before being released.
          3.       1968—Douglas Engelbart gave what many call the “Mother of All Demos” when he debuted the computer mouse, hypertext and the bit-mapped graphical user interface using the oN-Line System.
          4.       1996—Gwen Jacob, a Guelph University student on a  hot July 19 day in 1991 was arrested for being topless in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, convicted and fined $75 which prompted her to appeal and her conviction was reversed by the Ontario Court of Appeals which the province did not appeal so if in Ontario, a woman wants to appear in public topless, she can without fear of arrest.
          5.       2021—In an example of how desperate illegals are to come to the U.S., a semi-truck with 160 illegals primarily from Guatemala, some of whom had paid $13,000 for passage to our border overturned near Chiapas, Mexico, killing 55 and injuring some 100 people.
          Quote of the Day:  Brigadier General Telford Taylor in his closing of his opening statement at the Doctors’ Trials: “Guilt for the oppressions and crimes of the Third Reich is widespread, but it is the guilt of the leaders that is deepest and most culpable. Who could German medicine look to keep the profession true to its traditions and protect it from the ravaging inroads of Nazi pseudo-science? This was the supreme responsibility of the leaders of German medicine—Rostock and Rose and Schroeder and Handloser. That is why their guilt is greater than that of any of the other defendants in the dock. They are the men who utterly failed their country and their profession, who showed neither courage nor wisdom nor the vestiges of moral character. It is their failure, together with the failure with the leaders of Germany in other walks of life, that debauched Germany and led to her defeat. It is because of them and others like them that we all live in a stricken world."

Michael Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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It's Not Censorship of Shadow Ban in Animal Farm lingo Only Visibility Filtering Which Was Much More Effective In Censoring


Like the glaciers around the world melting due to climate change
The revelations of pre Musk Twitter censorship are in meltdown derange
Most people suspected the MSM and Big Tech on the Hunter Biden laptop
Were in “all hands of deck” mode to revelations of Hunter’s linkage to China stop
The inference that Biden himself had to the tune of 10% in the pie
Only a fool would believe that Biden was not referred to as the “Big Guy”
Many believe that had voters known of the corruption of Hunters Chinese business dealings
And inferences of Biden’s knowledge and involvement their support would be reeling
Now we are finding as suspected Twitter was choking tweets of those who did not follow the Biden line
Trending of tweets from noted Stanford Medical School Professor who argued lockdown were dangerous to children were confined
Internet blacklists of conservative journalists like Bongino and Kirk
All the while the fired chief censor of Twitter Gadde was lying with a straight face with no smirks
“We do not shadow ban,” spouting the Twitter censorship free mythology…
“and we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology 
She was speaking in Animal Farm lingo so there was no shadow ban
The term describing their censoring was “Visibility Filtering”  best censor disguise known to man
Musk's ending Twitter censorship is on the right path
Users and advertisers need to step up and stifle the left’s wrath

© December 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, December 8, 2022

December 8 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Thursday Night Football featured a great game between the Rams and the Raiders and a comeback by Baker Mayfield after being let go from the Rams by the Panthers and joining the team 2 days ago to replace the second string starting quarterback and end up engineering a 98 yard drive late in the 4 quarter to win 17-16 in a disappointing season for both teams. Trust you have either purchased or assembled your tree for the Christmas season to decorate it and enjoy your work of art.   Hope you have time to read and enjoy today’s Ridley's Believe It Or Not. Hope you find them informative and worthy of your time to read. If not, please reply “Unsubscribe” and I will delete you from the mailing list.
Ridley’s Believe It Or Not December 8, 2022
          Noted Holiday: National Christmas Tree Day, created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway and celebrated on this day since 2015 but the Christmas Tree traces its lineage back to Roman times. Celebrate the day by if you have not already done so, decorating it to the max as a work of art that must be removed after January 1 before it gets too dry and flammable.
          Word of the Day: The word of the day is “abusion” which means outrage or delusion which describes to a tee the feeling many of us have when politicians do not practice what they preach in terms of how they want us to act.   
          Number 1 Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 2009 was “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, on a run of 6 weeks  to share with 12 other songs reaching achieving number 1 status while 7 acts achieved their first number 1 song.  Here is a music video with lyrics of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing “Empire State of Mind”:
          Noted Birthdays: Jim Morrison, born on this day in 1943, was the lead vocalist for the Doors and a prolific poet, who struggled with alcohol and drugs and was found dead in a bathroom in Paris on July 3, 1971. Although friends suspected and accidental death from drugs, no autopsy was performed, and the cause of death remains unknown.
          Notable Events that occurred on December 8.
          1.       1962—Workers at 4 NYC newspapers later joined by workers from 5 other NYC papers went on strike protesting low wages and increased automation in the printing presses and remained on strike for 114 days. 
          2.       1972—United Airlines Flight No. 553 enroute from Washington National Airport via Chicago’s Midway International Airport to Omaha, Nebraska crashed into a residential area short of the runway, killing the 3 man crew, 40 of the 55 passengers and 2 persons on the ground while destroying 5 houses in the first fatal of a 737 since going into service in February, 1968.
          3.       1980—Mark David Chapman shot and kills John Lennon in front of his apartment building in NYC.
          4.       2010—With the second launch of the Falcon and the first launch of the Dragon, Space X became the first private company to launch, orbit and recover a rocket from orbit.
          5.       2019—The first confirmed case of COVID-19 was confirmed in China.
          Quote of the Day: Nora Roberts on the joy of Christmas Trees: Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard or too sad when you’ve got a Christmas tree in the living room. All those presents under it, all that anticipation. Just a way of saying there’s always light and hope in the world.”

Michael Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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Randi Weingarten Blasted For Focusing On Griner Being Black and Gay and in a Footnote Comment Says Whalen Should Be Released


Randi Weingarten does several things very well
During the pandemic she fought tooth and nail on the issue of closing to dwell
Succeeded most of the time and kids’ learning scores went to the basket in Hell
And like a biased lap dog she supports any policy or program the Blues are trying to sell
Supporting the teaching of racist CRT
And the need for treating “gender ID”
Steers millions of dollars of teachers’ dues to Blue campaigns
While our educational standards despite the billions go down the drain
When it comes to commenting on Biden’s botched Griner release
That skill of doing things well quickly ceases
Extols great relief Griner is being let go as a “basketball player who is gay and black” female
And as a footnote almost forgotten urges Whelan should be released from jail
Once again like in his appointments Biden uses the race and LBGTQ test
Should Whalen who is white now try to be gay or ID as a female as what Weingarten suggests?
Biden on Bergdahl’s exchange learned absolutely nil
Instead of Taliban leaders who continued to Americans try to kill
He released the “Merchant of Death” who will be funneling guns into terrorists’ hands
What about trying to ensure our safety does our dementia affected president not understand?

© December 8, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Reflections on the Day Pearl Harbor Was Attacked


81 years ago, Americans awoke to a Sunday at peace greet
Europe was in flames and England desperately tried to stave off defeat
The Soviets had the Wehrmacht knocking at Moscow’s Gates
Hoping the Russian winter prevents them from joining vanquished nations’ fates
In America we were going to church, going to the movies, attending sporting events
A Sunday drive to vising friends or family, a Sunday dinner to relish then hear radio shows  to present
While miles away in Hawaii, the Sun that rises always in the East
Had divided into over 300 suns from the West, launched from the Martian carrier beasts
The alarm too late was sounded “Pearl Harbor is under attack, this is no drill”
After 2 waves of suns on wings over 3500 Americans had been killed
And by the grace of God and lucky American carriers met a different fate
They  had been delivering planes out at sea to miss the bombing and torpedoing the other ships did await
Before the attack on Pearl the nation was divided on going to war to England aid
A strong majority on declaring war against German wanted Congress forbade
Japan had declared war on us on the 7th and our response was quick to declare in kind the next day
82-0 in the Senate and 388-1 in the House and the die was cast to thousands of Americans and Japanese to slay
Total deaths augmented by Hitler’s and Mussolini’s idiocy to against the U.S. join in the fray
Totally clueless how quickly American industry on the battlefields, sea lanes and in the air massive arms to display
The nation was united in a way it had never been before
Probably the last good war compared to the later for us in store
On this day we hope our foes are not by our divisiveness misled
Assuming if attacked we would not rise up and to their defeat move quickly ahead

© December 7, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Trump on the Ballot Is the Blues Best Chance of Victory


Trump's economic, immigration and foreign policies are A-1
But his personality and ego make voters want to from him run
He can attract large crowds at rallies and any primary easily win
But in the general his attraction of Indies will go into a tailspin
Worse since elections have become coronations of who has most money to spend
With Trump on the ballot or backing a candidate the money from Blues never ends
His toxicity to moderate Reds and Indies is so strong
They will vote for a dementia affected Biden though they know it is wrong
He will be hobbled by DOJ investigations of document possession
Keeping him out of office has become Blue AGs’ obsession
Since he believes the world revolves around him and him alone
His MAGA supporters must come to believe if it's not about Trump Biden will be exiting from his Oval Office home

© December 7, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet