Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Nicole Hannah Jones of Project 1619 Ifame In the News of Claim North Did Not Fight Civil War to End Slavery

 Nicole Hannah Jones of Project 1619 is in the news to idiotically proclaim

That the North did not fight the Civil War to end slavery only the Union to retain

Ignores the fact that to have a Union of free states growing by leaps and bounds

No way could it continue to have a decreasing percentage of slave states' population still around

Had not the South been so foolish given the industrialization of the North to on Fort Sumpter fire

Only a question of time before slavery by legislative fiat or aping John Browns would have been retired

The plantation owners who were the minority when most whites owned none or only a few slaves

Pulled off the great con job of all time to convince poor whites that state’s rights must be saved

Lincoln would have known after the commencement of the Civil War

And casualties on both sides began to soar

That the South’s biggest fear would be that the blacks would rebel

Facing the Union on all sides and blacks inside would be its death knell

The North began arming blacks into its armies and navy until they constituted ten percent

Freeing the slaves in occupied Southern states would mean more blacks to the front sent

She may be right not in the beginning but after the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves was a major goal

As growing casualties on both sides were taking their toll

Fortunately for the North the South fought with half its male population not armed

Freeing blacks who served in Confederacy too much risk of harm

© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

New England Journal of Medicine Claims Obesity in BIPOCs Caused By Systematic Racism Preventing Abrams From Being Body Slammed


The left is on a crusade to reveal systematic racism in this nation in every nook and cranny
Back when Blumberg was New York City Mayor who banned large sodas we thought he was political nanny
Now a new article in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests he was visionary ahead of his time
His war on large sodas to prevent obesity may have been aimed at racism as the real crime
The article claims that obesity heavily found in blacks and persons of color (BIPOC) is due to systematic racism
Which must pervade our lives and is the tired playbook of leftism
Obesity is found more in BIPOC according to the study due to racism caused stress
And tendency in BIPOC neighborhoods where unhealthy fast foods are eaten more not less
Where due to systematic racism BIPOC have fewer venues to find low cost healthy meals
Looking at Stacey Abrahams her obese frame is hard to conceal
But this woman is a college graduate and a graduate of Yale Law School
If she validates the Journal claim the authors must think its readers are fools
She is running for governor of Georgia again claiming voter suppression
But also claiming Georgia is the worst place to live—not for voters a winning impression
Partially walked it back claiming it was “inelegant delivery”
Still stands in terms of social services living here is living in misery
She should stick to writing books where she has had some success
We hope for longevity she sheds weight by eating and ranting racism less
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tenure at UCF Trumped Black Privilege as UCF Forced to Rehire Prof. Negy for Criticizing "Black Privilege"

 Throughout this nation we are inundated with the White Supremacist claim

An overriding evil that must be destroyed since it cannot be tamed
The flip side of White Supremacy that by the left and MSM is given free reign
Is the corroding effect of Black Privilege impairment of blacks’ success being obtained
Affirmative action, grading preferences, quotas, reparations, CRT and constructive criticism down the drain
Professor Negy of UCF, tenured 20 year professor, was fired for his criticism of Black Privilege not refrained
Went to arbitration and won his case and will be rehired and tenure restored
A sad case of Black Privilege causing academic freedom of tenure being ignored
His point was simple if a student is free from constructive criticism he will not learn
Will be stigmatized by beliefs his success was due to color not earned
The bookend of Black Privilege is White Guilt
The need for corporations and institutions to atone for supposed racism they built
Project 1619 coating and degrading American achievements with racist silt
Targeted 24/7 by the racist charge driven up to the hilt
So BLM can raise millions not to advance black educational chances
But to the number and value of BLM leaders mansions advance
Racist that is real should be attacked and shamed without pause
But dumping meritocracy for Black Privilege is flawed
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Baby Food Airlift Compared to Berlin Airlift Typical Too Little Too Late Biden


After the Allies divided Germany and Berlin into 4 occupied zones to insure Germany would never rise up again to wage war
The Soviets who suffered the most wanted Germany to remain industrially weak as a military forces to safely ignore
In early 48 the French, English and American zones were combine into one to aide in economic recovery increase
Outraged Stalin told the Allies that rail, motor vehicle and water traffic to West Berlin would cease
On June 24 thus began the Soviet’s Berlin Blockade
Designed to the Allies’ will to remain in West Berlin degrade
In days not weeks or months Truman acts were so very swift
Food, fuel, medicine, clothing and all matter of goods for Berliners to survive starting arriving in the Berlin Airlift
Goods made in West Berlin were flown out to the West
Stalin fumed and rattle sabers but was smart enough not to the flights of the planes arrest
In a little over 11 months of the Berlin filling the skies 24/7 and Berliners rejoicing to hearing the engines howls
The Soviets realized that without a war that going nuclear they would not win threw in the towel
Today we are witnessing another airlift one that inaction and delay have kept the airlift planes on the ground
In February, our largest manufacturer of baby formula Abbot Labs after bacteria in its formula was found
Shut down the plant in question and issued a voluntary recall and notified the FDA
Alarm bells should have gone off requiring food makers to address a coming shortage without delay
Had this occurred we would have had the COVID-19 equivalent of warp speed
To bring to market the baby formula desperate mothers would need
Instead under Biden action on a slow glacial pace
One plane of 1.5 million 8 ounce bottles for 9000 babies for a week to their hunger pangs replace
Some two more months before Abbot products start filling shelf spaces
Once Biden tone death to our needs and his rankings rightfully in disgrace
© 5/22/22 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, May 21, 2022

The New Political Alchemy Heard of Black Caucus Blames Shootings at an Asian Salon As Racist White Supremacy But Shooter Is Black


In the Middle Ages alchemists for years tried to create gold from lead
Each time despite all efforts no change and result was failure instead
In alchemy the “Midas Touch” turned out to be a myth
Lead remained lead and alchemists failed to become goldsmiths
A new breed of political alchemists have on today’s scene appeared
Their goal is not with metal but with skin to alter to spread fears
No matter how black a person might be
If a conservative the new alchemists strive to link him with white supremacy
Larry Elder is the classic case who ran to try to Newsom recall
By the left and the MSM as a white suprematcist he was mauled
In Dallas and an Asian owned hair salon a shooter fired 13 shots at 7 patrons before he fled
Must have not spent time on the shooting range since none of his victims were dead
Rep Beatty, the Black Caucus Chairwoman took to the mics to blast white supremacist racist violence in a predictable kneejerk
But a slight problem in her rush to the mics to white suprematcists blame any investigation objectivity she shirked
The man arrested was not white but black as black could be
But since the victims were Asian, alchemy at work and condemnation of white supremacy
© May 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Too Little Too Late Biden Finally Invokes Defense Production Act to Realize Baby Formula Shortage Is Real Problem


Biden when VP with Obama was best remembered as one of the team members that led from behind
Now as president the phrase to describe him “Too little too late” immediately comes to mind
On the Afghanistan cut and run stranding Americans and our Afghan allies images of Saigon déjà vu
Not the tidal wave at the embassy gates of the conga line up the roof to the choppers await
But Afghans fearing for their lives jumping on planes taking off and then as they lifted falling to a deadly fate
Troops finally sent to protect the evacuation but not enough
13 soldiers from a suicide bomber into coffins stuffed
Inflation picking up before Putin’s  invasion of Ukraine
But Biden like a stuck record spouting it’s transitory refrain
Clear warnings that Russia would invade prompting replies that sanctions would be imposed
Sanctions that would not and were not designed to deter Russian invasion into Ukraine go
For months only threats of what he would do as opposed to Stingers, Javelins and Iron Domes
And when the Poles wanted to send Ukraine Mig 22’s Biden demanded they stay home
Finally arms were sent but had they been in abundance when Russian convoys were single file miles long
The Russians stuck on roads to KVIV would be been slaughtered to realize their invasion was wrong
His latest too little too late is the baby formula shortage disaster
Abbott Lab shut down its baby formula plant in February that should have sounded the alarm to the shortage master
Biden’s administration ignored the coming shortage with their heads buried in the ground
Trump would have acted immediately with Defense Production Act which yesterday Biden finally came around
Too Little Too Late
Red Wave will be Blues’ November fate
© 5/19/22 The Alaskanpoet

Lifelong Blue Elon Musk is Leaving the Donkey to Vote for the Elephant


The Blues must be both deaf and blind
Or total cowards or out of their minds
Fearful of the likes of AOC and the Squad
Oblivious to the fact their ideas are flawed
They must see the Red Wave getting closer to wash their majorities away
Yet their only response is the race and gender card to play
Like Chicken Little who raced in circles warning the sky is falling
Their only pitch is to find White Supremacy in all Reds and ignore the upcoming mauling
Ignoring the carnage of urban city blacks being killing by fellow gang blacks
While a BLM flush with cash and mansions any empathy for the victims lack
Losing their hold on the urban city plantation black voters
Useful only for their votes and Blues list of time after election for them getting shorter
Same with Hispanics shifting their votes to Reds
Who focus on inflation, crime, and complete open border instead
From the Blues a last gasp of abortion to the appearance of the fetal head
And beyond if the physical, mental, emotional or financial health has been shed
Ignoring how most feel on late term abortions and the warnings of a lifelong Blue Elon Musk
Blues have left the people for the unions and trial lawyers so he’s voting for the brays but the tusks
© May 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet