Sunday, May 1, 2022

Disinformation Observance Board under DHS Is an Anathema To Goal Of a Free Press


The White House Press Corps Dinner was held the other night
In years past true comedy ruled and presenters exercised their political roasting rights
Like the death of comedy on SNL choked by the unrestrained bias weeds
The event pointed out that laughter at ourselves is what we really needs
Attendees in formal gowns and tuxes savoring expensive wines and cuisine
While Americans are struggling at the dinner table with the highest inflation in decades seen
The host hit the nail on the head trying to joke
“Since you have been in office, already everything is looking up
Food is up, gas is up, rent is up” but left unsaid “because your policies caused prices to erupt”
Biden laughed to the national audience to display his utter scorn
To the middle class seeing their safety nets torn and their life savings by inflation shorn
Biden tried to evoke laughter by applauding the “Let’s Go Brandon” praise
Oblivious to the fact that the chant was condemning because he was in a daze
While Biden has announced the formation of a Disinformation Observance Board under the DHS
He ignored Social Media Shadow Banning but extolled unlike Russia we don’t jail members of the press
Another nail on the head by the host trying to good ratings his performance sell
“Attendees be careful while leaving; we all know this Administration doesn’t handle evacuations well”
© May 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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