Tuesday, May 24, 2022

New England Journal of Medicine Claims Obesity in BIPOCs Caused By Systematic Racism Preventing Abrams From Being Body Slammed


The left is on a crusade to reveal systematic racism in this nation in every nook and cranny
Back when Blumberg was New York City Mayor who banned large sodas we thought he was political nanny
Now a new article in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests he was visionary ahead of his time
His war on large sodas to prevent obesity may have been aimed at racism as the real crime
The article claims that obesity heavily found in blacks and persons of color (BIPOC) is due to systematic racism
Which must pervade our lives and is the tired playbook of leftism
Obesity is found more in BIPOC according to the study due to racism caused stress
And tendency in BIPOC neighborhoods where unhealthy fast foods are eaten more not less
Where due to systematic racism BIPOC have fewer venues to find low cost healthy meals
Looking at Stacey Abrahams her obese frame is hard to conceal
But this woman is a college graduate and a graduate of Yale Law School
If she validates the Journal claim the authors must think its readers are fools
She is running for governor of Georgia again claiming voter suppression
But also claiming Georgia is the worst place to live—not for voters a winning impression
Partially walked it back claiming it was “inelegant delivery”
Still stands in terms of social services living here is living in misery
She should stick to writing books where she has had some success
We hope for longevity she sheds weight by eating and ranting racism less
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