Monday, May 9, 2022

Pro Choice Zealots Wanting Abortion on Demand for the Less than 1% after 21 Weeks Right Up To Moment of Birth


A leaked draft of an Alioto written opinion has the left jumping for joy
An ends justifies the means leftist leaking to enraged Blue women to deploy
As the screams of outrage head up outside of SCOTUS Justices’ homes into the air
Who among the protestors can believe the idea abortion should be safe, legal and rare?
For more than 63 million times since Roe v. Wade the answer was sadly no
The rabid left wants abortion rights on demand up to the moment the head is starting to show
The idea that a fetus that is viable at 21 to 24 weeks no longer exists

Should not a society at that moment want to the killing resist?
In the spectrum of live does a severely handicapped physically or mentally have the right to live
Or does that become the decision of the mother and her doctor to the gift of further life give?
At the other end of the spectrum of life when death is becoming near
Does the Hippocratic Oath require Code Blue alarms for help to appear?
If abortion is safe and legal in all states with an expiration date after the mother knows
The abortion must occur, or the right is no longer bestowed
Would not that be a better way to the pro-life/ pro-choice divide try to end?
Less than one percent of abortions occur after 21 weeks to the outrage off the charts to send
If an ultrasound exam after 24 weeks showed the presence of lethal fetal abnormalities
Allowing an abortion as an alternative to giving birth and then have a mother endure a baby’s quick death as a reality
Would seem to be the human thing to do to prevent such unbearable grief
Viability of the fetus should be the litmus test
With massive prenatal education to do more than just suggest
But ripping this country apart to pander to the reality of but one percent
Should not be where the debate on Roe v. Wade should be sent
 © 5/9/22 The Alaskanpoet

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