Saturday, May 28, 2022

12 Times the Uvalde Time Line Had To Be Corrected--Fog of War or Keystone Kops


We live in a 24/7 information society with the need for instant info gratification

Little wonder that in a rush to get info out there is the chance of mistake and obfuscation
The Texas Department of Safety has had to make at last count 12 corrections to the shooting time line
If not so mournful and tragic, comparisons to the Keystone Kops are quick to come to mind
Ample numbers of officers waited in the hall for 45 minutes before a janitor’s key opened the door
All the time hushed 911 calls from the classroom begging for help they chose to ignore
In March we now find that the Uvalde PD took training on responding to active shooting events
The course material on the different approach to an active shooter opposed to a barricaded one back to the editor needs to be sent
How could the officers in the hall if they heard a gunshot now and then did not the door try to breach
Approach the sound of gunfire was the lesson Columbine did so vividly teach
To this poet layman a shooter who has fired off rounds who still has guns and ammo an active shooter remains
Waiting for help like negotiators and hoping he will not start shooting again strikes one as insane
Governor Abbott said on the time line he was misled
If not due to the “fog of war” info rush we need pink slips instead
We should all pray for the victims’ souls and their families and the officers ordered not to breach the door
And the police chief who ordered the stand down should be informed as Uvalde police chief he is no more
© 5/28/22 The Alaskanpoet

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