Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Biden Pushes For AR-15 Ban and 9 mm Handguns But Does He Support Ban on All Handguns?


When it comes to gun control proposals by the Blues the response from the NRA is usually a ballistic no
On the issues of background checks and mental health red flag preventions one would think that is not the way to go
Most gun owners are responsible law abiding owners and with reasonable background checks would agree
But lost in the rhetoric on the anger and outrage on the Uvalde killing spree
Is that Salvador Ramos passed his background checks,  and his guns and ammo were legally bought
Prompting the left to argue a raising of the minimum age and worse a ban on certain guns sought
Banning the AR-15 which is the civilian version of semi-automatic/fully automatic M-16 is the left’s new cry
If passed and upheld in the courts will all semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols next to be denied?
Biden thinks that 9 mm handguns in civilian hands have no place
Inanely touts not needed to assault threats erase
When it comes to gun control acceding to the left’s demands is like giving a cookie to a mouse
Who will not be satisfied and will want more and more to the point you cannot afford to live in your house
With a violent crime wave sweeping the nation it in urban areas not safe to go outside
Daily too many innocents or bystanders in the wrong place the wrong time have died
In urban areas the idea that a home is a castle a myth when home invaders kill all inside
Reds are accused of waging a war on women but Blues may result in a more deadly curse
Banning handguns that a woman could save herself from deadly attack with it in her purse
Biden has refused to state whether all handguns he would want to meet the 9 mm fate
Do not be surprised that he would like to Canada on handguns ape
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