Thursday, May 5, 2022

Abortion On Demand Even As Fetus Enters Birth Canal Impact How Quickly Those In Hospice Will Not Be Revived


Human life is like a barbell with weights on each end
One the nine or so months before birth and the other when to the Al, NH or Hospice time to send
Two weights connected and acts on one can on the other ape the same acts
If in the womb a decision is made to abort and the ability to survive outside the womb the fetus lacks
Like an early miscarriage an infant does not die
Only that fate or medical condition a birth denied
Abortion is a conscious decision that can be the most difficult a woman can make
If it occurs during early term there should be only empathy not wrath to burn her at a stake
The closer to birth the greater the chance that an aborted fetus would survive
Medical science has improved such that a baby born 24 weeks premature may remain alive
If Roe v Wade is overturned and the legality of abortion is removed from the feds and returned to the states
Does the issue of viability of life if aborted become part of any debate?
Criminals in this nation are protected from cruel and unusual punishment
At 23 week of gestation pain by the fetus will be to its developing brain sent
From a warm womb nourished constantly to without warning to be expelled
Pro Choicers claiming no pain involved seems a hard sell
Near the end of life does a person in a coma on life support not brain dead have a right to live?
How does a society allow one in a coma to on life support remain and the abortion of a viable fetus forgive
The closer to birth abortion is allowed even after fetal  entry to birth canal
The harder it will be for the terminal elderly or long term comas to support the sanctity of life rationale
© May 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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