Thursday, May 19, 2022

Lifelong Blue Elon Musk is Leaving the Donkey to Vote for the Elephant


The Blues must be both deaf and blind
Or total cowards or out of their minds
Fearful of the likes of AOC and the Squad
Oblivious to the fact their ideas are flawed
They must see the Red Wave getting closer to wash their majorities away
Yet their only response is the race and gender card to play
Like Chicken Little who raced in circles warning the sky is falling
Their only pitch is to find White Supremacy in all Reds and ignore the upcoming mauling
Ignoring the carnage of urban city blacks being killing by fellow gang blacks
While a BLM flush with cash and mansions any empathy for the victims lack
Losing their hold on the urban city plantation black voters
Useful only for their votes and Blues list of time after election for them getting shorter
Same with Hispanics shifting their votes to Reds
Who focus on inflation, crime, and complete open border instead
From the Blues a last gasp of abortion to the appearance of the fetal head
And beyond if the physical, mental, emotional or financial health has been shed
Ignoring how most feel on late term abortions and the warnings of a lifelong Blue Elon Musk
Blues have left the people for the unions and trial lawyers so he’s voting for the brays but the tusks
© May 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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