Tuesday, May 24, 2022

19 Kids and 2 Adults Killed at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas but Biden Blows a Chance For a Unity Speech


Another American tragedy occurred today at Robb Elementary School
And once again sadly an AR-15 and a semi-automatic pistol were the tools
Salvador Ramos, 18 years of age, shot his grandmother then fled
But instead of escaping Uvalde, crashed outside of the school instead
Entered the school and started to at the school children shoot to kill
When the smoke had cleared he had added 19 young innocents, a teacher and an adult to the butcher’s bill
Police quickly responded and were met with a hail of gunfire
Two police were wounded and Ramos soon quickly expired
Only at Sandy Hook years earlier in Connecticut had more innocents died
Another example of a school shooting in which access to the school was not denied
With dead not even all in morgues or even identified Biden appeared on national TV
If ever there was a time in mourning in a national tragedy an appeal to unity we would want to see
A start of empathy to the parents like him who had buried his own young child
Then a pivot to the need for standing up to the gun lobby with his anger running wild
Blasted us and Reds for on the issue of gun control a total lack of spine
Sadly a real opportunity to come together tossed with predictable Blue gun control whine
Looking old and frail tied to a teleprompter or cue cards
Out of touch a chance to seek unity totally marred
© May 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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