Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Disgraced Masturbator Jeffrey Tobin on CNN Ranting on Right Wing Only Bias To Cause Us To Tune Him Out


Wonder if disgraced journalist Tobin suspended for masturbating during a broadcast on Zoom
Had a proclivity for using his right hand clothed from the waist up in his on the air room
Maybe explains his rants on CNN on the spread and pervasiveness of violence of the right wing
Trying to convince his most likely diminished audience that only the right would to the table violence bring
On and on about the events of January 6 then linking that to mass shootings in Pittsburgh, El Paso and Buffalo
Even though the Buffalo shooter had a history of mentally illness and a one size fits any illness manifesto
But the biggest failure of Tobin’s rants
Is its right wing only biased slant
From Tobin not a peep of leftist violence against pro-life centers
Who provide counseling and support to those pregnant who enter
And his most glaring and despicable omission
Was the mentally ill pro-choice man on a kill Justice Kavanaugh mission
Jane’s Revenge is not a mere discussion group willing to peacefully the abortion issue discuss
But a hate group anxious to destroy property and to pro-lifers do more harm than just cuss
Until the memory of his masturbation has faded for a long time away
He needs to shed his bias and be more objective if we are to listen to what will say
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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