Sunday, June 26, 2022

Dobbs Overturning Roe Will Not End Abortion Only Send Issues To the States


The Dobbs case did not ban abortions only to rule it was not a Constitutional right
The battleground between pro-choice and pro-life only moved to the state legislatures to wage this divisive fight
When the emotions subside and the legality moves to the states
Do not be surprised if abortion is not outlawed only a shorter window to abortion acuate
When Roe was decided  in 1973, viability of a fetus outside the womb was believed to be 28 weeks
Today the number is 24 if dilation begins and the fetus prematurely the birth canal starts to seek
Since an overwhelming majority of abortions in the first trimester occur
A ground for compromise would be abortion banned thereafter except to mother’s life insure

States like California and New York will become abortion safe havens with a welcome mat for aborting moms out
Other more conservative states will ban or take the ban after 1st trimester route
Some corporations will be play the political correct game
Pay for pregnant employees seeking abortions to get on a to an abortion haven plane
Blues are probably licking their chops with joy
Believing abortion will trump economic woes and the Red Wave destroy
The battle will be decided where it always did belong
At the state capitols instead of federal courts which was wrong
© June 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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