Sunday, June 26, 2022

Will the Uproar Over Dobbs End Up As the Mouse That Roared?--Great Chance Yes


Hollywood, MSM, and Blues are voicing their anger as one

With a vitriol that rational people should stun
SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade was illegitimate to its very core
How could the American people approve that a Constitutional right the court ignored?
Wonder if those protestors marching in front of SCOTUS Justice’s abodes
Had carefully read Roe or Dobbs before their protests and threats chose to unload
Roe held that the right to an abortion as a Constitutional right was not absolute
But the states could not ban it in the 1st trimester where viability of the fetus was moot
But could in the 2nd and third trimester unless needed to health or life of the mother insure
Both Blues and Reds support a right to an abortion in the 1st trimester procure
SCOTUS has previously ruled that the federal ban on partial birth abortions passed constitutional muster
With states like California and New York vying to be the abortion on demand meccas will for pro-life will Dobbs lose some luster
Women seeking abortions even if they have delayed and in the late second or third trimester are now in a hurry
Look for states like California to amend its state constitution granting on demand abortion in a flurry
Much to do about nothing as women will find it easier to find a state
To procure an abortion than it will be to put food on the family’s plates
Look for abortion and vacation deals
safe and legal abortion may not be rare but will be real
© June 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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