Sunday, June 26, 2022

Bragg's Soft on Crime Polices Causing Deputy D.A.'s To Leave In Droves


The TV show Cops opens with the lyrics “Bad Boy, Bad Boy”
What you goin’ to do when they come for you?”
In Manhattan residents should be chanting “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho
D.A. Bragg and his pro criminal policies have got to go”
Manhattan like so many Blue run urban areas are being hit with the Perfect Storm
City Councils hot to trot to defund the polices and Soros funded D.A.’s as the norm
Boudin in Feces City has been recalled and Gascon in L.A. the same wrath faces
Growing realization that misguided reform justice moves has meant safety replaced
By surges in violent crimes, shooting and murders and smash and grabs
Worse on no cash bail felons released back on the streets soon after they have been nabbed
Morale among NYPD cops is hitting all-time lows
With resignations and early retirement continuing to grow
In Bragg’s office where per his orders felonies are downgraded to misdemeanors and bail is not sought
Morale like in the NYPD evidenced by growing resignations is quickly going to rot
Whether Bragg believes in the need for equity for those committing crimes
Or is too lazy to want to the business of prosecuting criminals spend much time
There is no recall in New York but the Governor of New York can remove Bragg for not doing his job
Reds running to replace Hochul have demanded she remove him to rid Manhattan of its growing violent criminal mobs

© June 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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