Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Inflation Light Bulb Finally Goes On in Yellen's Face But Oblivious To Our Pain


Yellen has finally seen the light that inflation is not transitory and is too high
But when it comes to explaining causes the tired Blue Biden playbook she relies
Blames higher energy and food prices on the war in Ukraine
But ignores Biden’s war on fossil fuels which should be blamed
Gasoline prices started to soar the day Biden was sworn in
Over a year before Putin ordered the invasion to begin
Blaming Putin for inflation will be a failed Blue attempt
Each time Americans fill up at the pump they will express their Let’s Go Brandon contempt
Each day the disconnect between bureaucrats and politicians and John Q. Public grows Billions of tax dollars raised with very little accomplishments to show
Buying gas for them is always a rare event
No wonder they are oblivious to the pain at the record prices being spent
The solution to energy inflation is right before Biden’s face
Produce more oil and natural gas instead of crusade to put more EV’s in place
Reducing carbon to fight climate change is a noble goal
But not if insolvency from higher energy prices in the interim is the toll
© June 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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