Thursday, June 16, 2022

Loudin County Ground Zero For CRT Protest Has Its D.A. Thrown Out of Case and Referred for Disbarment for Misleading JudgeA. s


With the recall by Feces City voters on Chesa Boudin and the impending recall vote of L.A.’s George Gascon
A wave of rejection of progressive D.A.’s funded by leftist billionaire George Soros is beginning to dawn
News that in Loudin County the CRT battleground Buta Biberaj, Soros backed D.A. has been removed from a case
For misleading the court on the defendant’s criminal record to a sweetheart pleas deal base
The judge outraged over being deceived referred her conduct to the Commonwealth’s Bar for her to be disbarred
She was until now viewed by Blues as one of Soros’ backed D.A. stars
Disbarment is a lot easier than collecting signatures for a recall election
The crime wave impacting our nation has been fueled in progressive D.A.’s harsher sentences rejection
If Merrick Garland and Biden did not have their heads in the sand
They would see what is the most severe threat to our safety in this land
It is not the false bogeyman of white supremacists that the left is prone to tout
No it is the soft on crime policies of Soros backed D.A.’s letting too soon and often felons in jail out
The pendulum after rising murder rates and smash and grabs
Where too often the perpetrators are not nabbed
Is swinging back and any progressive D.A. especially one elected with Soros cash
Should be sweating that his or her time in office may be sent to the recall trash
© June 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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