Monday, June 27, 2022

Hold That Trigger As Democratic Louisiana Judge Issues TRO on Louisiana's Abortion Bill Triggered By Roe Overturn


The Dobbs case overturned Roe v. Wade and put the issue of the legality and governing of abortions into the states
Numerous state legislatures had passed trigger laws to ban or restrict abortion if Roe v Wade met an overturn fate
While “pro-choicers” took to the streets in protest over the overturning Roe, others acted in the old fashioned way
Abortion clinics in Louisiana filed an action in Orleans Parish District Court seeking to Louisiana’s trigger law stay
Democrat Judge Robin Giarrusso issued a TRO to put the trigger law on hold
SCOTUS may have thought sending the issue of abortion to the state legislatures would cause persistent litigation to fold
Whatever bills state legislatures pass we sadly should expect a race to the courthouse door
The issue is so divisive that neither side will give an inch or the accommodation to the other ignore
50 different jurisdictions, potentially 50 different abortion laws
While the fabric of society the divisive issue will continue to gnaw
Pity the poor state judges who come up for reelection at the end of their term
How they rule on abortion issues may determine whether to the bench they get to return
At least federal judges serve for life and have the myth of being shielded from pressure and threats at their homes
With the Dobbs the myth of a shield exposed as pro-choicers turned SCOTUS dwellings into protest and in Kavanaugh’s case near killing zones
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