Friday, June 10, 2022

Beto 'Dork Thinks The Border in Texas is Just Great As Illegal Surge Grows and Does Not Abate


Beto O’Dork running for governor in Texas touts that everything at the border is great
Even though illegals are crossing the border in record numbers with no signs of beginning to abate
Like all Blues illegals are not illegals only future voters who will vote Blue
To insure over time that Red majorities will end and be forever through
To O’Dork and his fellow Blues who mantra is to call for a border secured
But after chanting then to do everything in their power to an increasing flood of illegals insure
When will Blue Hispanic and Blacks have the light bulbs be turned on?
When will they see through the Blues “we here for you” con?
Only time in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods a Blue politician is ever seen
Is near election day to pass out some crumbs and to  collect on their voting Blue lien
While Blue run cities and their schools descend into unsafe Hells
Where the only jobs to be found are drugs, guns and human trafficking to sell
O’Dork on the border is totally blind
Anyone voting for him instead of Abbot is out of his or her mind
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

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