Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Soros Evidently Spending Millions To Cause Censorship of Reds in 2024 Elections But Pritzker Family's Hyatt Corporation May Be Vulnerable Boycott Target for Funding Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Demonstrations t k opCenssorto a


When it comes to monetary attacks on the founding principles of this nation
Multi-billionaire George Soros with his funding of leftist Blues, D.A.’s and judges merits only the strongest condemnation
Only in America can a billionaire who made his fortune in finance and investments
Can that billionaire bite the capitalist hand that to him billions of dollars were sent
The Media Research Center has revealed millions of dollars now spent
To pressure social media to censor conservative dissent
Political contributions in the millions a mortal threat to democracy represent
Without funds to advertise and promote a candidate’s view’s his or hers route to an office you can prevent
Soros can spend his millions trying to influence elections because he thinks he is immune
Not so with another billionaire family in the business of owning hotel and motel rooms
The Pritzker Family is evidently funding organizations involved in pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel demonstrations popping up across the nation
Boycott may be an action of last resort but any Jew dismayed by the protests should cancel any Hyatt Hotel reservations
There are plenty of hotels not owned by Hyatt that would welcome former Hyatt guests
A well-orchestrated boycott might cause the Pritzker Family to further contributions suppress

© 5/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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