Wednesday, May 15, 2024

May 15 is the official opening of the Eastern Pacific Ocean Day with the first tropical depression forming well off the coast of Mexico west of Acapulco


Today is May 15, the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season opening day
Already as if on cue a tropical depression has been formed over 1600 miles from L.A.
For a tropical depression to grow into a tropical storm or hurricane not a sure thing
One has to hope regardless of the number of hurricanes, water conditions to our shores the hurricanes will not bring
Living by or on the ocean is where if you can afford it you would live your dreams
Boating, water sports and beaches plus better weather to dampen temperature extremes
With the ocean acting like a huge sink
Summer temps rarely break a 100; winter; is warmer than you would ever think
Our hurricanes rarely get close to Mexico’s northern latitude
So the flooding storm surges, flash floods and howling winds almost never intrude
The West Coast part of the ring of fire with volcanoes and earthquakes
Just waiting to erupt and ash spew and the Earth violently without warning shake
Hurricanes can be really devastating close to the water but on land weakening on its path
At least residents have plenty of time to shutter and sand bag or to evacuate to  escape its wrath
Tornadoes and volcanoes too come with some warning to be able to flee
Always fearful of what on return what damage one will see
Quakes have warnings if any of a few seconds with no time to a “go bag” pack
In an earthquake area stores will food and medicines lack
On the issue of natural disasters the motto should be “Be Prepared”
Have enough meds, food and water to last for a week as market shelves will be bare

© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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