Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Former Prosecutor For the SDNY Testified Cohen Told Him Many Times He Had Nothing on Trump--Another Perjury Charge?


A leopard it is said cannot changes his spots
And a serial liar will most likely the truth with lies blot
After reading what Robert Costello, former prosecutor with the SDNY,
Before the House Weaponization Committee, revealed on the stand Cohen may have his oath defied
When Cohen approached Costello facing possible charges he was told
That if he had something truthful on Trump it would help him as the investigation would unfold
If the information was truthful leading to charges against Trump
Costello could within a week have the investigation of Cohen dumped
Again and again Cohen informed Costello he had nothing on Trump
Trump feared the embarrassment and pain to Melania if the allegation was not dumped
The idea of paying Stormy $130,000 for on her story a NDA
Came not from Trump but Cohen putting his “Mr. Fixer” skills on display
Took out a HELOC loan and did not his wife inform
Definitely a deviation from for couples the acceptable norm
He didn’t want to against Trump turn
Still thought for his skill an AG of chief of staff position he would earn
Cohen, Costello believes, blames Trump for prison and being disbarred
Relishes being on a revenge against Trump path as Bragg’s witness star

© 5/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet



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