Saturday, May 11, 2024

Bragg to Put Serial Liar Michael Cohen On the Stand Whose Past Lies Will Stoke the Fires of Perjury Started With Stormy Daniels


After a few days of salacious testimony by Stormy Daniels going up in flames
Taking the stand will be perjurer without peers Michael Cohen fresh from raising Tik Tok money for Trump bashing fame
In the new age of lawfare the jurors will be wondering if this serial liar
Will be wearing asbestos pants to protect him from the rhyming fire
In Bragg’s Don Quixote quest to get Trump and send him to jail
Suborning perjury he knows will come from Cohen’s lips is beyond the pale
Like Hunter Biden, the notorious crack addict and tax cheat
Bragg and his anti-Trump minions will portray him as a reformed liar whose lies on the stand he will not repeat
Hunter at least could seek empathy and sympathy for an addict
Supposedly struggling to the use of crack interdict
But Cohen cannot claim the addiction excuse
Does not seem he was suffering from drug abuse
Only the perverse need to replenish his pockets
After being disbarred on the State Bar Court docket
He should be shredded for being a serial liar
That his proclivity to lie has not expired
Will the jurors drawn from an area that voted in 2020 against Trump 85 to 15 percent
Still have some objectivity left or lost it with TDS urging them to have Trump to prison sent?
© 5/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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