Monday, May 13, 2024

Serial Liar, Disbarred Attorney and Convicted Felon Is On the Stand Trying To Convince a Biased Jury He Is Telling the Truth Now


Michael Cohen, a disbarred, convicted felon is now on the stand
Bragg so desperate for a conviction willing to suborn perjury that even a biased Manhattan jury will understand
Cohen has admitted in “fixing” Trump problems over 10 years he bullied and lied
That he would tell the truth now all common sense will be defied
Listening to Cohen on direct and ultimately on what will be a withering cross
Should remind us all of the parable of a leopard not being able to have his spots subject to a loss
Legal experts are already shaking their heads
That Stormy Danie’ prejudicial salacious claims testimony was able to go ahead
Only reason has to have been Bragg and the Judge Merchan wanted to portray Trump as a perverted spouse who punishment deserves
As opposed to the requirement the two judicial officers, judge and D.A., have an obligation for the rule of law be preserved
An unexpected result of Judge Merchan’s gag order and confining Trump to his courtroom
Is that Biden had free reign to campaign, exposing his dementia and the falling approval ratings portending his election doom
The lights must be burning long at Biden’s reelection campaign HQ
When Trump in Florida has a 100,000 at a rally indicating Biden’s Oval Office time is almost through
Before Reds pop the corks they must focus on early voting that will soon be taking place
Blues early vote in droves that the Red turnout on election day will not the Blues’ early voting lead erase

© May 13, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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