Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Biden to Israel: "Invade Rafah and Arms and Munitions Other Than Restocking Iron Dome Will Come To an End


The mice on college campuses and in events like the Met Gala have turned their squeaks into roars
Biden has thrown down the gauntlet to our oldest ally in the Middle East and said on offensive weapons there will be no more
If the IDF invades Rafah despite bipartisan military aid support
The shipments of bombs, shells, and munitions he will abort
The IDF while soon find its arms tied behind their backs
The chance to destroy Hamas will pass if it cannot attack
Munitions needed for the highly effective Iron Dome will not end
Biden has capitulated to the Blues’ leftist wing hoping it will in swing states Arab-Americans voting for Biden to the polls send
Since Hamas could care less if Palestinians are in harm’s way
Nothing would make these barbarians happier than to see more dead Palestinians on display
The more dead Palestinians are carted away in body bags
The more antisemitism will grow and not lag
We should not be surprised if Hamas moved its rocket launching sites
Into Rafah’s population centers to entice the IDF launch more bombing strikes
Since statistics on Palestinian deaths are under Hamas’ control
Great chance the stats are exaggerated in furtherance of Hamas’ goals

© 5/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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