Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Biden's Puppet Master On Biden Withdrawing Are Facing the Issue Of When No Longer If


Haley, the last candidate opposing Trump to drop out of the race
Has finally declared she will support Trump as Biden has been a disgrace
The Blue strategy of criminal and civil bogus trials to keep Trump off the campaign trail
With dollars pouring in from voters outraged over the Stalinesque show trials has failed
With Biden alone with his lapses and gaffes demonstrating he is not mentally all there
His approval rating keeps falling as evidence of his dementia is laid bare
While Trump confined to a courtroom in a show trial that seems so unfair
Sees his poll numbers increasing getting a larger and larger voters’ share
Even when he has a rally in Blue New Jersey 80-100,000 loud supporters appear
More and more complaints that Biden should drop out voters now hear
Biden’s puppet masters have seen the writing on the wall
Unless Biden can change course he will go down in flames in the fall
Explains why Biden has consented to two debates trying to ape Dirty Harry
The debates will not make his day as unless there are some miracle drugs Trump will him bury
Even without an audience that would energize Trump
Biden his headed for the debate trash dump

© 5/22/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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