Wednesday, June 12, 2024

fter 2 Burglaries Goldie Hawn Reveals She Has Hired Armed Guards For Protection


Not only are there two systems of justice in our divided nation
There are also two systems of crime prevention
If you are a person of color your only tools are to be armed and call 911
If you are and live in a city with a Soros backed D.A.
Or a mayor or city council who think if you defund the police crime will still be held at bay
Or worse believe that property crime is justified
As a down payment on reparations that are still being denied
But if you are a person of wealth knowing waiting for a 911 response is a waste of time
To protect yourself and family and hire armed security as a way to prevent crime
The news that the L.A. home of  Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel was hit by burglars twice should not come as a surprise
Felons are not stupid and know Willie Suttons advice is on point and really wise
You may steal in neighborhoods of color or poverty and rarely if ever be caught
But unlikely you will find anything of value that in burglarizing you sought
So you target homes of the wealthy because that’s where the money is
Case a home, enter it quickly, ransack and then be gone in a whiz
But denizens of L.A. of wealth like Hawn and Russel now have guards who are armed
Trained and able to unleash upon a felon deadly harm
The left’s assault on firearms whether at home or in concealed carry
While crime continues to rise and safety disappears will cause voters to them bury
Hopefully along with the Soros backed D.A. like Gascon who applaud catch and release
Or their flight and their tax dollars flight will continue to increase

© 6/12/2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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