Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Todd's Bias In Full Display Claiming Hunter's Guilty Verdict Will Have DOJ Politicization Charges Fade Away


When it comes to objectivity as a member of the 4th estate
It’s only bias that we find as heaping servings on Chuck Todd’s plate
After a jury in less than 3 hours rendered in Hunter’s case a guilty verdict
He pontificated that Trump’s charge of a DOJ politization was licked
How could the DOJ be political when Hunter was prosecuted and found guilty of lying on a gun purchase form about being an abuser of crack?
But when it comes to concealing bias Todd is a master so we would forget what the early stages of the Hunter investigation lacked
Serious income tax charges arising out of income from foreign nations not our friend
Instead of speedy prosecution, DOJ slow walking the investigations allowing statues of limitations to prosecution of the charges end
As a first time offender addicted to crack
Hunter’s likely sentence any deterrent prison time will lack
Look for confined rehab which is something he could really use
Clean today but the relapse demons are probably not far away trying to get him to crack once again abuse.
Trump knows of the addiction beast that his brother suffered from its powerful attraction
He has complained we should be investigating the Biden Family quid pro quo and that the false gun addiction purchase  charges are an unwanted  distraction

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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