Wednesday, September 28, 2022

With 1000 carjackings and 400 murders Philadelphia no longer The City of Brotherly Love only "The Car Jack Capital"


Philadelphia’s nickname has been given a replacement shove
With crime it no longer can be called “The City Of Brotherly Love”
It’s new name should be “The Car Jack Capital”
As with the year not yet over 1000 carjackings it has to grapple
Having your car jacked while you are still in it may mean a knife or gun in your face
Real fear that your time on Earth due to a carjacker will be erased
The D.A. Krasner funded by Soros is rightfully being attacked for his pro felon stances
That concern for the well-being of criminal advances
And concern for the victim’s suffering is more like chump change
While with 400 murders to go with a 1000 carjackings justice is deranged
A recent teen slaying at a city rec center has prompted the Blue Mayor
To rule at centers guns cannot longer be there
Even if the felons could the proclamation read
Highly unlikely the ban they would heed
Centers now are much easier to commit a violent crime
No one packing and undermanned cops would not be able to act in time
© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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